Body positive influencer shares skin condition picture to push important message

Acne is unfortunately a common problem among teenagers, but for one woman it has plagued some of her adult life too.

Mariia Bilenka, from Kiev, Ukraine, has suffered with an extreme version of the skin condition for the past decade, but now at the age of 23 she is finally embracing it.

With 23,300 followers on Instagram, Mariia is now a body positive influencer and posts regularly about her acne.

Her most recent snap refers to the new year ahead as the beauty urges fellow sufferers not to let their life revolve around their skin.

She captioned the selfie: "Don’t make a clear skin the only wish for 2021. Even don’t make it your main priority! Yes, I know what I am talking about."

She added: "If the life revolves around your skin condition, it’s very difficult to do something else, to enjoy the things around and just living your life.

"Cooking new dishes, meeting with friends more often, adopting a dog, achieving carrier goals, running more, going to sleep earlier and so on…"

Mariia continued: "Do you remember that the life finally gives you what you want when you stop focusing on it and leave it?

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"So, leave all your thoughts about skin condition in 2020. There are more great things in your life to care about. What wishes do you have for 2021?"

Her followers were quick to comment on the post, with many complimenting and thanking her for being so honest.

One person wrote: "You are so beautiful and definitely and definitely a role model I’ve found from this platform."

A second added: "So inspiring I’ve struggled with acne for years and seeing your post makes me feel so much better. You keep inspiring and being unique."

A third person commented: "You look so beautiful and cute."

Earlier this year, Mariia revealed that she thinks teenage hormones, stress from her home life and consuming lots of sugary treats were the main causes of her bad skin.

She said: "Suffering from acne for 10 years has caused me many problems throughout my life. My self-esteem was extremely low and I had no confidence in myself at all."

Commenting on her sweet tooth, she added: "When I started on a bar of chocolate or a packet of cookies, I could not just have a little bit or one or two cookies, I would have to eat the whole packet until it was gone.

"I would do the same every day, and it really started to affect my skin."

Mariia's acne was so severe that it spread across both of her cheeks and right across her forehead, also appearing on her neck at times.

After a cosmetologist commented on her diet, Mariia stopped eating chocolate and although it has taken a year to see the results, she said the change in her skin has been "significant".

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