Brad Pitt May Earn Less Than $20 Million From ‘Lost City Of D’ With Sandra Bullock

Brad Pitt will make a cameo in Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum’s upcoming movie, Lost City of D. According to reports, Pitt seems to be returning the favor to Bullock because the actress will also make a cameo in his movie, The Bullet Train that also stars Joey King.

Bullock was also the one that reached out to Pitt directly to ask if he could appear in her movie, so the actor said yes.

However, the actor’s cameo is not expected to rake in a huge sum of money for him. After all, Pitt used to earn at least $20 million per movie, but he has also accepted lower salaries in exchange for hefty bonuses after starring in Ocean’s Eleven.

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Still, the final figures that Pitt managed to bring home after starring in the movie were estimated at around $30 million.

Pitt started appearing in movies in the 1980s, but he was only given background roles. In 1987, he starred in Kevin Costner’s film, No Way Out. But it was only in the 1990s when he gained notoriety after starring in Thelma and Louise.

Years later, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor launched co-founded Plan B Entertainment with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Following their divorce in 2005, Pitt bought out Aniston from the company.

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Some of the movies that Pitt produced include Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts, Charlies and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp, and 12 Years A Slave starring Sarah Paulson.

To say that Pitt’s career as an actor and as a producer is successful is an understatement. In fact, his career has been so successful that his net worth is still higher than his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

As of last year, Jolie’s net worth is estimated at just $120 million. However, it is important to note that the actress has been very picky with her roles.

Pitt’s other ex-wife, Aniston shares the exact same net worth as he does. The Friends star rakes in $300 million from her movies, and from the never-ending reruns of her hit sitcom.

Meanwhile, Pitt has been deducting huge chunks from his millions because he is still fighting for the custody of his kids in court. Five years may have already passed since Jolie announced their split, but their issues as a couple and even after their breakup have yet to be resolved.

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