Brits least likely to talk about their sex life, recent study reveals

No sex please, we’re British! UK tops list of European countries where people are most reluctant to talk about being amorous, study reveals

  • Research shows Brits are among the least likely in Europe to discuss their sex life
  • Over 52 per cent revealed they never discuss what goes on in their bedroom 
  • Thornton & Ross conducted the study ahead of World Contraception Day

More than 52 per cent of people in Britain avoid discussing their sex life, a recent study has found.

Brits are often thought to be quite reserved and new research conducted by Thornton and Ross ahead of World Contraception Day on Saturday 26 September has compared the nation to more broad-minded countries in neighbouring Europe – and confirmed the theory is true. 

A study of 24,000 people from 12 European countries found that those who live in Britain are most reluctant to talk about sex, with either their partner or friends.

Meanwhile, a surprising 52 per cent confessed that they never discuss what goes on in the bedroom. 

Research conducted by pharmaceutical firm Thornton & Ross suggests Brits are among the least likely people to discuss their sex life (file image)

How much do people talk about sex in the UK? 

1 UK – 52 per cent

2  Belgium – 40 per cent

3  France – 39 per cent

4  Germany – 35 per cent

5  Italy – 31 per cent

6  Finland – 27 per cent

Switzerland – 26 per cent

8 Austria – 25 per cent

9 Russia – 25 per cent

10 Poland – 22 per cent

11  Serbia – 21 per cent

12  Spain – 20 per cent

Spain was revealed as the country with people who are the least shy about discussing their sex lives with others, as just 20 per cent of the participants said they’re too bashful to talk about intimacy.

The pharmaceutical firm asked 2,000 people from 12 countries to reveal their attitude towards chatting about their sex lives – and then put the findings together in the 2020 Health Report,

Participants were asked whether they ‘talked about sex’ with their ‘friends or their partner’.

Graham Burton, 48, who lives in Harrow, north West London, said he never spoke about sex with his pals and only occasionally with his partner.

Mick Cox, who is the vice-president for consumer healthcare at T&R, said the findings about Brits being reluctant to discuss sex and sexual health is worrying (file image)

‘I never speak to my friends about my sex life and I hope my partner doesn’t speak with her friends about it either.

‘It might be our British reserve, but I just think it’s really about respecting the person you are in a relationship with, rather than telling all and sundry about what you get up to in the bedroom,’ he said. 

A spokesman commented: ‘More than half of Brits refuse to talk about sex with their partner or friends, the highest figure in 12 European countries.’

T&R’s vice-president for consumer healthcare Mick Cox, added: ‘The fact that Brits don’t feel comfortable talking about sex or their sexual health is worrying.’ 

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