Can you name these famous musicians based on their Christmas trees?

Can you guess the star from their Christmas decor? Brainteaser challenges you to guess the musician from a mock-up of their festive home

  • Brainteaser challenges puzzlers to work out which musicians own series of trees
  • Hayes Garden World created the quiz, challenging people to beat five minutes
  • Each Christmassy scene is sprinkled with hints and tips to the celebrity owners

Puzzlers have been left scratching their heads over this series of festive scenes that contain clues to their celebrity ‘owners’.

Hayes Garden World created the festive brainteaser and challenged puzzle enthusiasts to work out which famous musician owns each festive scene.

Each of the eight Christmassy images is sprinkled with hints and tips to help the challengers work out the answers. 

How many of the pictures can you work out? And can you beat the target of five minutes? 


Feather boas replacing tinsel and flamboyant sunglasses decking the halls… need we say more about this musical legend? The songwriter is no stranger to some fabulous colour


The chains and black/green ombre theme may look intimidating, but this artist is no Bad Guy. Be sure to take particular note of the blue, ocean-coloured eye motifs when trying to crack this puzzle


An upside-down tree, 7 rings and a nod towards Japanese culture – these are a few of this pop princess’s favourite things. Whilst it’s not guaranteed that it will snow this December, readers can at least hope that it won’t Rain on Me



What kind of musician would put themselves as the star at the top of the tree? Probably one who would also run for president


The owner of tree number 5 is no stranger to defying societal gender norms. Don’t miss the hints to his 2020 singles dotted between the branches of his tree, as well as the signature pearls hanging from the ceiling


Splashed with red, white and blue, this rock and roll legend is a true American. With his classic guitar mounted above the fireplace, and his daily reminder that he was Born to Run this rockstar is sure to be Dancing (in the Dark) this Christmas


Christmas doesn’t mean that one particular bootylicious icon will stop Slaying. Complete with all of the Lemonade themed trimmings and handy Telephone, this festive set up is truly Irreplaceable


The final Christmas scene is mixing things up, with a group of singers who collectively own this tree. Four angels, complete with Wings, embellish their tree and there is a brush handy to ensure that their Hair is on point for 25th December

How many did you identify correctly? 

1. Elton John

2. Billie Eilish

3. Ariana Grande

4. Kanye West

5. Harry Styles

6. Bruce Springsteen

7. Beyoncé

8. Little Mix

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