Cannes Introduces Health Passes For Vaccinated Non-EU Delegates So They Can Avoid Tests

Cannes Film Festival has introduced a mid-event change to its Covid protocols, with non-EU visitors now able to collect a ‘health pass’ that allows them to avoid renewing negative Covid tests every 48 hours.

French and other EU delegates have been able to display vaccinated status to allow them entry to the Palais, screenings and some parties since the beginning of the event, but that has not applied to those arriving from outside of the Union.

The passes are available from Gare Maritime. They have proven quite popular today and there was a 30-minute wait to collect one earlier.

Non-fully-vaccinated attendees will still need to continue getting tested at the on-site facility. The testing process has been largely smooth to-date. All in all, the majority seem happy with the festival’s Covid protocols, though the disregard with which some have been ignoring them has been a continual frustration.

Thierry Fremaux spoke publicly today in front of several public screenings, including Mark Cousins’ The The Storms Of Jeremy Thomas, to deny that there were any clusters and added that yesterday (July 9) there had been zero positive cases recorded at the fest. Deadline had the exclusive yesterday that the festival was recording an average of three positive cases per day, prior to today.

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