Cardi B Says She Doesn't Like ''Lying'' About Getting Liposuction

Cardi Bis keeping it real with her fans. 

The artist is known for her candid nature and off-the-wall comments, but her fans were pleasantly surprised when she recently revealed that she had liposuction in the months following the birth of her daughter. It is no secret that there is a stigma surrounding the weight-loss procedure, however, Cardi couldn’t stand the idea of keeping the truth from her followers. She tells E! News at the launch of her second Fashion Nova collection, “It was important for me because I don’t like lying about things.”

In an effort to be open and honest with her fans, the 26-year-old plans on sharing more about the process, which she says took months. “Like when you see somebody that had lipo you think that they just go into the doctor’s and like boop, you come out and you look amazing, but it’s actually like a very long process, recovery,” she shares. “It actually takes like a little bit more than three or four months.”

The “I Like It” rapper adds, “The stages is very frustrating. Sometimes it get a little bit discouraging.”

Plus, the procedure requires frequent massages to maintain the body’s physique during recovery. But even after months of careful healing, Cardi says the end result “might not come out how you want it to be.”

Presley Ann/Getty Images for Fashion Nova

Overall, the artist shares that she is “enjoying” the slimmer figure she now has. What she doesn’t enjoy is when people accuse her of ab sketching. “No no no. I’ve always had abs and I’m a very skinny person so when they taking extra fat out and your skin is tightening more, it’s like my bones are actually showing more,” she defends. 

There’s no denying that the rapper looks healthy and fit, especially in the impeccable dress she wore to the 2019 Met Gala. It was Cardi’s second time attending the ball and she never ceases to be amazed by the couture fashion at the celebration. She says, “It was even more beautiful, more shiny in persona and I just was like, ‘Wow, dope’.”

Her expertise and love for all things fashion went into her second collection with Fashion Nova, which features pastel pinks and plenty of revealing looks that are perfect for the summer. The star couldn’t be more excited to make a departure from the dark tones and business-like ensembles that she chose for her fall collection. To get your own Cardi-approved look, check out the collection, which is available now.

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