Christian mum goes wild and quits sales job to flog racy pregnancy pics online

A mum quit her job as a corporate sales executive to sell kinky pregnancy snaps on OnlyFans – despite being a devout Christian.

Daisy Mae, from California, is a self-described “submissive” and “good little church girl gone wild”.

She now makes a fortune as a fetish author and saucy model, offering custom content to her loyal fans and specialising in videos featuring her baby bump.

Despite her success, Daisy never fully shows her face to allow her to have privacy.

But, while wanting to keep her identity to herself, the model is nothing but outspoken.

The busy mum recently spoke up about how “alternative lifestyles” have become the norm.

Daisy, who is also a sex positive swinger, said: “The world has fundamentally changed over the past few years and a lot of people aren’t seeing the full picture yet, but they will.

“There was a time when society was neatly divided into very different groups of people, but the influence of social media and two years of the pandemic broadened our world and changed the way we live our lives – how we work, where we work and what choices we make for our happiness.

“What used to be called an ‘alternative lifestyle’ is actually just regular life. We’re just not hiding it anymore.”

The popular OnlyFans star, who balances thousands of subscribers with her boisterous household, believes that religion, family values and open sexuality can co-exist in women’s lives.

She added: “In 1920, women were granted the right to vote; thirty years later, nearly half of American women were entering the work force. In the ‘70s, women were fighting for their sexual freedom.

“Now, in 2022, women can do and be anything we want and we aren’t apologising for it.

“We’ve come a long way, baby – we’re free, we’re happy and we’re not going to be submissive anymore.

“Unless, of course, you’re asking for that on OnlyFans!”

Daisy, who has 68,000 Instagram followers, @maeIbeyour, is a successful entrepreneur usually charges her kinky fans £15.47 a month to watch her content.

But, the leggy businesswoman claims she’s letting people subscribe for £3.09 in a sexy new offer.

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