Cleaner says she earns £700 in just 3 days because she is self-employed

A woman who cleans for a living has hit back at trolls who "make fun" of her and claims she earns up to £720 in just three days.

In a TikTok video, businesswoman Ketia @tiabhmcleaningco from Alabama, US, says starting her own company was the best thing she ever did.

She shows herself scrubbing a bathroom floor and cleaning someone's toilet and then explains why she loves her career so much.

Hitting back at "people ask or make fun of me because I clean houses full time", the savvy cleaner says her work is more rewarding than most.

She says: "You see not only do I change lives and make people feel better.

"But making $700 (£500) to $1,000 (£720) in three days allows me to live my life the way I've always wanted."

She also recommends people never work for a company and always have their own cleaning business, although she notes you have to have extra responsibilities like paying insurance.

"When you work for a company or under someone, of course, you are going to get paid a lot less," Ketia says.

She advises other people who want to start up a cleaning business to first find out what the going rate is in their area.

More expensive areas will bring in more money, but your own cost of living will be higher.

The video was watched more than 13 million times on the app and thousands of people congratulated Ketia on building up her own business from scratch.

One excited fan told her: "Queen I just quit my job."

As well as her successful business, she also has brought out an ebook "Keeping it clean with Ketia" on Etsy.

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