Coffee delivery service straight to NYC workers’ desk

Do you stand in line for five or 10 minutes every morning to get coffee, pay $4 or $5 for it, and toss your cup into the garbage when you’re done? If so, Vincent Meyer believes your routine is ripe for disruption.

The 35-year-old, French-born tech entrepreneur has raised nearly $1 million to fuel a fast-growing service in New York City that delivers coffee in ceramic mugs to workers’ desks every morning — and picks them up for washing so it can use them again the next day.

Goffee — pronounced like “coffee,” only with a “g” — launched a year ago from an industrial space in Hell’s Kitchen at Eighth Avenue and 39th Street, and is currently delivering 1,000 cups a day to offices throughout Midtown.

That number is expected to climb to 4,000 cups a day by the end of the year, thanks to additional kitchens opening in Union Square and Midtown East, according to Meyer.

Demand for the subscription service is getting fueled by aggravation over lengthy morning lines at coffee shops, which have only gotten more chaotic with mobile apps that let people order ahead and jump the queue.

“As I slowly became a New Yorker, I grew very impatient in the coffee line and realized that the whole ‘coffee experience’ was not what most people want,” Meyer told Side Dish.

Companies can enable their employees to bypass the lines by placing daily orders for up to 120 workers, choosing from 25 different coffeehouse brands, including Starbucks, Dunkin’ and Blue Bottle. In addition to lattes, cappucinos and cold brew, Goffee offers teas, hot chocolate and even matcha.

“It’s a nice perk, and it doesn’t cost that much,” said Brett Strassman, finance director at Adhawk, a digital ad firm. Goffee typically bills a 30-person office $899 a month — a tab that typically works out to between $1.50 and $2 a cup, according to Meyer.


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