Couple photobombed by 'ghost of a dead soldier' in London restaurant

Couple claim to be ‘photobombed by the ghost of a dead soldier’ while dining at celeb-haunt in London

  • The pair say they were spotted  translucent white figure appears behind them
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A couple has claimed they were photobombed by the ghost of dead soldier while dining in a top London restaurant.

Ross Cheeseman, 35, says he was out for dinner with his partner Georgia Renshaw-Smith, 26, from Bristol,  and her family for a birthday dinner at celeb-haunt Quaglingo’s in St James’s.

The pair, who have been together for four years, snapped a photo while sipping champagne and tucking into oysters.

In the terrifying picture, a translucent white figure appears to hover behind the pair, which Ross believes looks like a ‘military man in uniform’.

Quaglingo’s is a famous brasserie-style restaurant which dates back to 1929 and has been a celebrity haunt for decades. Its guests have included everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Elton John , and in more recent years Prince Harry .

The couple’s celebratory meal at Quaglingos was shockingly photobombed by the apparition of a ‘dead soldier’ – in the ‘best ghost picture ever’

Ross claims the snapshot even left waitresses and the restaurant manager spooked as they’d never seen anything like it before – but he can’t deny it’s fitting place given the popular eatery being steeped in history.

Ross explained ‘I flipped the camera on my iPhone to the front facing camera to take a selfie of me and my partner.

‘I had taken one or two photos that my partner wasn’t happy with so I took another, this was the picture that when we looked at it revealed what looks like a ghost in the background.

‘I think the ghostly figure looks like some sort of ex-military man with broad shoulders in uniform looking over the shoulder of me or my partner.

‘It looks see through as you can make out a spine and ribs, I think it also looks like he’s got some sort of headband or hat on.’

He continued ‘I showed it around the family and we were all amazed by it.

‘Georgia’s family thought I had doctored the photo but then realised that’s impossible given the time in between taking it and showing them – I have absolutely no explanation for what it is that’s behind us.

‘We then showed the waiters and waitresses and asked if they had ever witnessed anything else similar. All the waitresses and waiters were spooked.

In the terrifying picture, a translucent white figure appears to hover behind the pair, which Ross believes looks like a ‘military man in uniform’

Pictured: The pair moments before they snapped the ghostly picture

‘They even took my phone and showed it to the manager who came and spoke to us about how spooky it was.’

The 35-year-old quality assurance inspector explained that the family were sitting next to a cabinet with a glass front which contained multiple very old pictures of the founders of the restaurant.

Despite not believing in ghosts, he admitted ‘I’ve not done an extensive amount of research on the restaurant but I know it’s very old and has housed guests such as the Kray twins and the Queen, so it’s a very fitting place for a ghost.’

The couple have been together for four years and hope to return to the restaurant and hopefully capture another ghostly photo

Since capturing the image in 2021, he claims family members still bring it up today and many online have come to share their amazement at capturing ‘the best ghost picture ever’. 

It’s even changed his views on the paranormal as he’s shown picture to experts who told him it’s the most convincing ghost picture they have ever seen.

Many flooded to the comments to share their amazement.

One person said: ‘Absolutely incredible picture,’ meanwhile another added ‘It’s a soldier. 

‘Can see the camouflage coat and backpack. Wow!’

Someone else penned ‘Wow, amazing catch! A soldier with a beret and glasses’ and a final added ‘This pic gives me chills.’

Quaglino’s were contacted for comment. 

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