Couples gender reveal ends in tears after bakery makes mistake

An expecting mother was reduced to tears after a bakery mishap ruined her baby’s gender reveal.

Alyssa Quintos and her husband Christian are a Missouri couple who were meant to discover if their baby would be a little boy or girl by cutting into a gender reveal cake.

The dessert was supposed to have either pink or blue frosting inside, but the couple were shocked to discover that they were sent the wrong dessert.

The special moment was filmed by the couple, who both initially started laughing once they realised the cake was only filled with white frosting.

However, Alyssa has confessed that she later cried over the spoilt cake, as it ruined what was supposed to be an intimate moment.

Alyssa took to TikTok to share the footage of the mishap and the clip has racked up over 30 million views.

In the video, Alyssa and Christian can be seen excitedly cutting into the cake using wine glasses.

But their happy moment is quickly ruined as the couple become confused, before Alyssa bursts into laughter.

Christian holds up a wine glass filled with a cake with white icing, commenting: “I think they gave us the wrong cake.”

The video has received thousands of comments from users who were angry at the bakery.

One popular comment said “the bakery did y’all so dirty” while somebody else wrote: “I would be so mad!”

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Many users said Alyssa should demand a refund, with one writing: “What’s crazy is it’s literally not about the cake. It’s about the experience and they completely took that from you.”

However, Alyssa has assured the internet that the bakery was very apologetic and quickly amended their mistake.

She said: “It was just an honest mistake. They were so apologetic about it, they made it right, they made me a new cake as soon as they could the next day and they didn’t charge me for it.”

Alyssa added that she was told that a new baker at the company did not know how to put coloured icing into cake, and accidentally missed out on the important step while fulfilling the order.

She added: “I didn’t get my money back for the first one, which I understand, but I also ate it because it tasted good.”

The couple learned from the new cake that they are expecting a baby boy.

In a follow up video, Alyssa cut into the cake while saying “I swear to God if it’s white this time I’m going to be so mad” but was quickly overjoyed to see blue icing inside the dessert.

Alyssa says she holds no ill will towards the bakery despite their mistake but admitted to feeling upset about the incident later.

She said: “I did cry. I cried, I got the cake and cried because it was a boy, and then I cried because I thought it was a girl.”

The expecting mother joked: “You know those pregnancy hormones, you’re just crying all of the goddamn time.”

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