Cringey moment mum interrupts son’s proposal to tell him not to do it

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A "controlling" mum interrupted her son's proposal when he was about to take out a ring in front of his girlfriend.

Dan, from the US, said he wanted to "share the moment with the ones (he) loves" and planned to pop the question during a family trip in May.

But it turned into a rather awkward blunder, which happened to be captured by his dad who filmed on his phone.

He said on TikTok: "To the girl I was going to propose to, but my mum put a stop to it…

"My dad didn't know what to do, so he just kept recording."

While Dan and his girlfriend are posing for a picture, Dan reaches into his trouser pocket to pull out the ring.

Before the romantic moment plays out, Dan's mum is heard saying in the background: "No, no, no."

So instead of taking the ring out of his jacket pocket, he leaves it and walks towards his family.

Many viewers were shocked by Dan's mum's reaction and almost all agreed that the girl had "dodged a bullet".

One said: "Lucky girl. She dodged a controlling mother-in-law and a husband with no backbone."

A second wrote: "Mama's boys like this are my literal worst nightmare."

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"That's why you never have anyone there for the proposal," a third added. "You do it as a couple, because you two fight the world together."

To hit back at the comments, Dan admitted: "My mama said she knows what's best for me. If anyone tells me different, they're the devil."

He also posted another video and explained they re-visited the same place again to get engaged.

Dan said: "So I didn't propose to her for obvious reasons, but she didn't get too lucky.

"And to commemorate the moment, we ended up taking our engagement photos on the wall."

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