Dad opens bag of Wotsits to find just one cheesy snack inside

A father opened a bag of Wotsits to find just one of the cheesy snacks inside.

Andy Stubbs, 43, bought a multipack of the corn puffs for lunch with his family. 

But when the software developer reached for one of the bags – taut with air – and shook it, Andy realised there was only one wotsit inside.

He shook the bag to make his payroll manager wife Jane, 39, and two sons – Oscar, nine, and Harry, five – laugh, then decided to keep it unopened as a novelty.

Little Harry was desperate to open the bag and eat whatever was inside, but Andy decided to hold onto it "as a memento".

Andy was nudged by Jane to open the bag, though, when she read the story of 41-year-old Steve Smith, who found one baked bean in a Heinz tin.

The family gathered round the kitchen island table and filmed the moment Andy opened the bag on Saturday, and a single, perfectly-shaped wotsit fell out.

Andy from Sidcup, south-east London, said: "It's not often you get a one-wotsit bag of Wotsits, is it?

"I'd bought a multipack for the family a couple of months back, and I'd gone to get a bag of Wotsits because – why not?

"Lo and behold – when I held the bag, I could feel it was full of air. I shook it around, and realised there might only have been one Wotsit inside.

"So I showed it to Jane and the boys, and we all cried our eyes out.

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