Daily horoscope for August 13: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Not sure why you’re feeling slightly off-balance today? It’s probably something to do with the Moon and Mars, as these two are wreaking havoc on everyone’s horoscopes. The astrology for today will impact everyone slightly differently depending on your sign, but everyone will notice the same themes popping up. Here’s the general daily horoscope for August 13 for ALL signs.

To have any success today, you’ll need a mixture of luck and hard work, according to Tarot.com.

The site explains in the horoscope overview: “Success today comes from equal parts luck and active input.”

So don’t just sit there and expect to get things done… you need to give it some welly!

The Moon is currently square to Pluto and sextile to the Sun, which offers up confusing energy.

Tarot.com explains: “With the sensitive Moon’s sextile to the confident Sun, we feel ready to take on whatever comes our way.

“However, the Moon’s square to chaotic Pluto throws us a curveball.”

The Libra Moon being square to Pluto in Capricorn is tense.

Astrology.com’s experts said: “Unconscious desires disrupt our equilibrium, and events unfold which force us to look at the roots of compulsive behaviour.

“This aspect can foster power struggles or unearth manipulation tactics, the origins of which may lie in our upbringing. In an effort to keep the peace, we could find ourselves acting ruthlessly in the name of harmony.

“Today we are forced to face our own shadows and called to rise above them.”

Don’t worry, by 4.30pm today you’ll be feeling a little better as the Moon forms a trine with Jupiter and gives us a helping hand.

The Moon’s new position in Scorpio later on today and tomorrow is going to be intense and has its positives and negatives.

Tarot.com reckons the Scorpio Moon will “give us a chance to celebrate our victories with those who supported us”.

However, a Scorpio Moon is typically known for heavy emotions and secrets being exposed.

Astrology.com points out that Mars is conjunct Saturn this morning, with Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Aquarius.

This is a very frustrating aspect, and you’ll feel the brunt of this mid-morning but it will continue for a few days.

The site reads: “Mars in Virgo creates a quincunx to Saturn in Aquarius, generating frustration.

“We are striving for perfection, and we incline to use the skills we’ve honed over time to achieve our objectives.

“However, in the back of our minds, there is the nagging awareness that we must think outside of the box to meet the matter at hand.

“By using the same approach over and over, we continue to run into walls, growing increasingly upset with our lack of progress.

“Don’t let your fear of making mistakes keep you from trying something new.”

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