Edoardos body language suggests hes more fun behind the scenes

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Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, who turned 39 today, tied the knot with Princess Beatrice, 34, back in 2020. Edoardo disclosed his friendship with Mike Tindall, 44, when he announced his entry into the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

Mike posted a picture of himself wearing the I’m A Celebrity camp outfit on his Instagram, and Edoardo commented underneath with a selection of insect emojis and a face that implied he would find the experience sickening.

The comment was certainly made in jest, showing the close friendship between these two husbands within the Royal Family.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to analyse previous photos of the two men together, as well as their wives, Princess Beatrice and Zara Tindall.

She said: “Beatrice and Zara are very close, which was very poignantly illustrated when Zara was seen putting her arm around her cousin in a gesture of almost maternal reassurance and care after the Queen’s death.

“It is a bit surprising to hear Edoardo’s support for Mike Tindall while he’s in the jungle though, as the two men would seem to have very contrasting personalities and little in common to single them out for any close bonding.

“Mike does have a very strong effect on royal men though with his alpha presence, his sporting success and his relaxed behaviour defining him as a bit of a hero.

“His time in the jungle so far has shown the ability to be the one people naturally turn to for leadership, encouragement and support, and in a family known for their anxieties and rifts, Mike might look to Edoardo like an oasis of calm and strength.”

Judi offered two possibilities as to why Edoardo may want to be closer to Zara Tindall’s rugby-playing husband.

She suggested: “It could be a hint that Edoardo is actually more spontaneous and more fun behind the scenes.

“Or, it could be that he wishes he had the kind of maverick approach that Mike has to royal life.”

Judi argued that Mike is a “role model” for those who marry into the Royal Family.

She explained: “Mike always looks unfazed by royalty, too and as a role model for anyone marrying into the Royal Family he must be an attractive watch.

“Edoardo’s body language suggests he has taken a different route in terms of acceptance into the royal fold.

“Where Mike tends to be a spontaneous, tactile leader with a huge sense of humour and fun, Edoardo looks like the very polite, formal and dutiful option.”

Judi suggested that Edoardo does this by “moving close to the highest-ranking royal” when in public.

She clarified: “When he is with the royals he tends to move close to the highest-ranking royal to show a very elegant and flattering amount of respect and attention.

“Mike tends to lead the body language of any group he is with but Edoardo tends to follow and adapt.”

Judi commented on how the two royal husbands differ when speaking about their wives, Beatrice and Zara.

She added: “Edoardo always speaks romantically about his wife when Mike is in the jungle telling hilarious stories of Zara giving birth.

“This could easily be a very complementary relationship though.”

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