Escape to the Chateau’s Angel launches home furnishings range

Want to make your home look like Escape to the Chateau? Now you can achieve the same look as TV star Angel Strawbridge launches a furnishings range

  • EXCLUSIVE: Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge launches a home furnishings range
  • The inspiration for the range comes from the popular TV show and took a year to create
  • They include the memorable harlequin wallpaper design made from offcuts found in the attic

Viewers have watched Dick and Angel lovingly transformed their French home on Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau with colourful designs, such as a memorable harlequin wallpaper made from offcuts found in the attic.

And now fans of the show can enjoy the same designs in their own homes as Angel has included them in her new range of home furnishings.

Angel – who, with her husband Dick Strawbridge, swapped a two-bed flat in Essex for the crumbling French chateau – exclusively told MailOnline Property: ‘It is like a family and real community among the people who watch the show. If you have something from the range, there is a story attached to it.’

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    Angel Strawbridge’s new home furnishings range has been a year in the making

    The range, which will be sold in shops including Argos and Next, also includes designs based on the Chateau’s walled garden, known as a ‘potagerie’ in French.

    One of Angel’s favourite designs is the Heron design, based on the bird that her husband Dick and their daughter Dorothy see every morning at their home called Chateau de La Motte Husson.

    Further inspiration for Angel’s collection comes from the chateau’s bamboo garden.

    Angel explained: ‘It’s behind the walled garden and we use the bamboo for everything, including as trellis for runner beans.’

    And she went on to say about the whole of the collection: ‘We have tried to keep the colours authentic, with every details having some love put into it.’

    The harlequin design is available as various formats, including cushions and curtains

    One of the most memorable moments of TV’s Escape to the Chateau was when Angel designed some harlequin wallpaper from offcuts found in the attic

    Much of the inspiration from the collection comes from the creations shown on the TV series

    Angel and her husband Dick Strawbridge swapped a two-bed flat in Essex for a crumbling French chateau

    The full range includes wallpapers, ready-made and made-to-measure curtains, lampshades and cushions.

    It has been a year in the making, with a lot of the inspiration comes from the creations shown in the programme.

    Angel said: ‘It is about creating an association and a memory for people. But there are a lot of new designs that no-one has seen before.’

    The collection also includes some designs that have not been shown on the TV show 

    Angel says she has always been creative and designing the range has been ‘a dream come true’

    The full range includes wallpapers, ready-made and made-to-measure curtains, lampshades and cushions.

    She added: ‘It is a dream come true. I always wanted to be a designer, but when I was younger I thought this would be in fashion.

    ‘When you like creating things, every skill you learn puts you on a path you are meant to be on.

    ‘I would have never said I am an interior designer before but I liked putting together the room designs in the chateau and people have responded well to them. It’s not a bad day job! You find a way in life if you do things that you want to do.’

    The range is called The ChateauTM by Angel Strawbridge, and is available in stores nationwide, including Argos and Next.

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