Ex holiday rep who lived on booze now millionaire through power of thought

A former holiday rep who claims she 'lived on booze and cocaine' is now a millionaire after 'thinking herself' rich.

Noor Hibbert thought she was living her dream job by drinking and partying six nights a week as a holiday rep.

However, she realised her wild lifestyle was in fact a mask for her deep-rooted unhappiness.

She spent six years working as an 18-30s club rep, however the nights out took a toll, leaving her with heart palpitations, extreme anxiety and insomnia.

Her decision to work abroad came after Noon said she suffered years of bullying at school, a mentally abusive ex and feeling ”inadequate” as she struggled to complete her degree in psychology.

However, the mum, who lives in Rotherham, says she now laughs as she thinks back to those times because she's a completely different person.

She is also the proud owner of three homes and is worth more than £1million.

Noor, 35, has published a book – You Only Live Once – revealing how she used the "power of thought" to launch a successful beard oil business and later become a transformation coach.

She said: "As a lot of people do in their early twenties, I was experimenting and partying with drugs and alcohol but it was really messing with me.

"It was all a way to escape because I wasn’t happy in my real life but it was all having dreadful effects on my body."

She continued telling Sun Online: "I wasn’t in control of my life and now I realise everything bad that happened to me was a result of what I thought and believing life was against me.

"I’ve generated more than £2million in revenue and actually hit £1million in net worth, which is very strange to say it out loud. It’s so very, very surreal."

Noor admitted she spent her twenties 'drowning herself in Jägerbombs and cocaine' to try and find herself.

However, she moved back to the UK after meeting her future husband Richard back in 2010 and becoming pregnant.

After giving birth to her first daughter, she balanced a 40-hour working week in sales with studying for her postgraduate diploma and adapting to life with a newborn.

In 2012, while 31 weeks pregnant with her second of four children, she was given a concerning warning by doctors.

Noor was told she was going into early labour and her child would be born prematurely due to her stressful lifestyle.

When she she didn’t come early and Noor was sent home from hospital, she said she quit her job the next day and focused on building her business.

Noor said it was like something "shifted" in her and she decided to create her "own freedom".

She now has a range of beard oil products, which were featured in GQ and Tatler, and sold just over £100,000 of products during her first year.

The businesswoman is also now a life coach and has more than 1,700 clients, who she instructs through online videos.

In the past year alone she's made approximately £800,000 in revenue.

She also has three homes – in Rotherham, Sheffield and Egypt – and is looking buy a fourth in the coming months.

Despite all her success, Noor says that the most important thing is having more time with her family to make memories.

Continuing her success, she's recently released her second book, where she shares the secrets to changing your life through the power of the mind and positive thinking.

It follows her first book – Just F*cking Do It – which she released two years ago, which sold more than 65,000 copies and became an Amazon bestseller six times.

Noor said anyone can achieve success like her by following her tips.

She said: "If I can do it anybody can but it requires you to step up for your life because it’s not going to happen by just sitting at home wishing it will change – you have to take action.

“It’s often scary, there are challenges and obstacles. I’ve fallen on my face many times and made a lot of mistakes along the way but the rewards are phenomenal."

You Only Live One: Find Your Purpose. Make Life Count is published by John Murray Learning and is available for £14.99.

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