Ex-Primark employee shares insider hack to pay less for clothes at the till

TikTok user hits out at Primark over their sizing

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Caitlin Sinnett worked for Primark for two-and-a-half years and saw everything from “the till changes” and the “return changes”. She took to her TikTok account @caitlin_sinnett to reveal what it was really like to work for the brand, and how customers can pay less for their clothes. 

Caitlin said: “If you want to buy an item but find that it’s damaged, then you can take it to the till and say it to the person that’s serving you, and they will get their supervisor or manager over who will take money off it.

“You get it at a discounted price. 

“Also the same goes for if you buy something and go home and it’s damaged. 

“If you do want to keep that item, you can take it back and you can like get your money back from Primark and you can buy it back at a reduced price from them, like say, it was a button missing.” 

She then spoke about working with customers and revealed: “If we say we’re going to go through the back and check for a size, or a certain item for you – probably not, we’re just standing at the back for a few minutes. 

“Or what I used to do to look like I was doing something, which was really bad, but if I knew for an exact fact that size wasn’t in stock and the person wasn’t taking no for the answer, I would walk up to the stock room and stand there for a few minutes and pretend I was looking, and walk back and tell you it wasn’t in stock. 

“We can order things in, probably won’t tell you that because we can’t be bothered to do so. 

“Same goes for calling other shops for stock of sizes, we can do it, but probably won’t,” she added. 

“Don’t ask where something is, because we probably won’t know because the shop gets moved around every day to two days, so we know as much as you. 

“We probably won’t have your size in stock or the item in stock because we hold little to no stock in the shop. 

“We only order the stock that we need. We don’t hold stock to send it back.

“If the rail is empty, that item or size will get ordered in, nothing more, nothing less, only what we need,” the ex-employee remarked. 

“Unless, of course, it’s like new styles or new items – but all of those will probably get put straight back out. 

In another video, Caitlin advised customers to not “look at the size on the hanger”. 

“Nine times out of 10, it’s probably wrong, because we can’t be [bothered] to try and find the hanger that matches the size on the clothing,” she continued. 

“Don’t ask for a customer service desk, you can do your returns or exchanges at any till in the shop – that’s how it was at my store anyway. 

“The person working at the beauty section probably knows nothing about beauty, they’ve been put in that section to stock up, tidy up and that doesn’t mean that they are knowledgeable about products or a makeup artist.” 

As for what perks Primark employees get, Caitlin revealed: “Primark workers only get a discount four times a year for four weeks. 

“This is normally at spring, summer, autumn and winter – normally before Christmas, which is usually quite good.

“But you can’t get it on sale items,” she added. 

“That doesn’t mean it won’t go through the till, that just means the employee is serving you needs to see if it’s on sale or not.” 

The ex-employee finished by stating: “I loved my job at Primark, loved everyone I worked with, got treated really well, got as much overtime as I wanted. 

“I left for more hours because the overtime wasn’t guaranteed.”

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