EXO-SC Debuts With ‘What A Life’ EP & Music Video & K-Pop Fans Are Living For It

Finally, EXO-SC is here! The new Korean-Chinese duo, EXO members Chanyeo and Sehun, dropped their debut EP, called ‘What A Life’, as well as the song and music video of the same name.

Brace yourselves: EXO-SC just dropped a triple whammy. The dynamic duo, EXO‘s official subunit, released their second EP on July 22, called What A Life, as well as its title track — and the music video for it, too! EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun are shining as they venture out with their own project, and their passion for writing significant and soulful songs has never been more apparent. Fans are so proud of their boys, even though their new music is somewhat of a departure from EXO’s style. They all took to Twitter to praise Chaneyeol and Sehun, and made the hashtags #WhatALifeWithSeChan and #EXO_SC_WhatALife immediately trend worldwide.

“Their hard work, sleepless nights, preparation and dedication for these past 6 months paid off! we are beyond proud of you guys ♡,” one loving fan tweeted after EXO-SC’s debut. “Look at how far [they’ve] came [sic], from growing up together to debuting as a group to forming a duo,” another fan gushed. One stan showed just how much they’re into What A Life already. “F**K U DO YOU EXPECT ME TO HAVE MY FAVORITE SONGS IN THE ALBUM BCS YES I HAVE MY FAVORITES AND THEY ARE ALL THE SONGS YES YES YES YES EACH OF THEM IS MY FAVORITE THIS IS THE ALBUM OF MY LIFE”. Honestly? Same.

It wasn’t just devotees loving the album. Chanyeol and Sehun’s EXO bandmate, Suho, joined in on the praise. He lovingly said on Instagram, “Our Sehunnie and Chanyeollie is the life”. Aww! If you haven’t watched the music video for “What A Life”, you can do so above! The music video shows Chanyeol and Sehun living their best lives, carefree and having fun. The duo drive around in convertibles, party on yachts, and party at a mansion with friends. It’s so good.

What A Life contains six songs, and they’re all bangers. We know you’re going to love “Borderline”, “Roller Coaster”, “Daydreamin’, “Just Us 2”, and “Closer To You” after listening to the title track!

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