Girl forced out of school by ‘vile bullies who threw Creme Eggs at her’

A 13-year-old girl is off school with anxiety after bullies allegedly hounded her – pushing her down stairs and into lockers.

Paris Storrer, of west Hull, even claims some girls lobbed Cadbury Creme Eggs at her.

Her parents are urging the school to do more, reports Hull Live .

Paris  claims she has been bullied for the last couple of months at the Boulevard Academy after falling out with other pupils.

She has been signed off school for four weeks by her doctor due to stress and anxiety but says she is still receiving abuse on social media.

She said: “After I fell out with someone rumours have been spread about me and they have even claimed I’m a racist which simply isn’t true. The abuse has continued online,

“I have been pushed down the stairs while someone else shoved me into a locker which caused bruising on my arm.

"I have been passed on to different teachers and they say the head teacher is too busy.

“I feel scared and I am worried one day I will be beaten up. I have lost a lot of friends and now I feel depressed.

“I am also worried I am falling way behind with work now.”

A spokeswoman for Boulevard Academy told Hull Live all procedures had been followed in the light of the bullying claims.

But Paris' dad, Chris Storrer, believes the school needs to do more to tackle the problem of bullying.

He said: “It is getting out of hand. Recently, children were throwing Cadbury’s Creme Eggs at her and now she is being bullied on Instagram and we have reported this to the police.

“They were ripping up her school work and stealing pens. She has also been called some vile names and accused of nasty things.

“The school says it doesn’t stand for bullying but they simply haven’t done enough for Paris.”

Mr Storrer claims the school has not delivered on its promises.

He said: “We had a meeting and it was agreed Paris could leave classes five minutes early but that has not been enforced.

“This has been going on for a couple of months and nothing is being done.

“The school has promised to deal with it but nothing has happened and they really need to step up.

“We are worried about her progress at school and what it will cost her while her bullies continue to be educated.

A Boulevard Academy spokeswoman said: “Due to safeguarding and child protection issues we cannot comment at this time.”

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