Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg release snaps of Prince Charles

Santa’s cutest little helper! Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and his wife Stephanie share ‘magical’ photos of their son Prince Charles exploring the tree ahead of his first Christmas

  • Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg has released new pictures of Prince Charles 
  • The seven-month-old prince will celebrate his first Christmas at home this year
  • Held by beaming parents Grand Duke Guillaume and Grand Duchess Stephanie 
  • Adorable snaps show the young prince helping his dad and mum decorate tree

Grand Duke Guillaume and Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg have sent their good wishes to royal fans ahead of Christmas with adorable pictures of their son Prince Charles. 

The Grand Ducal court has shared snaps of the seven-month-old prince and his parents taken at Fischbah castle on Instagram, and said they wished to share a ‘magical moment’ with their son. 

The adorable pictures showed the cute prince, who was born in May at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in Luxembourg, with his beaming parents who are not doubt looking forward to their first Christmas as a family of three. 

The adorable prince flashed the camera an adorable toothless grin. His beaming parents seemed delighted as they help him close 

The Grand Ducal court have shared snap of the seven-months-old prince Charles and his parents Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, 38, and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stepganie, 36, taken at Fischbah castle on Instagram, where the couple wished everyone good winter holidays

‘The hereditary Grand Duke, Grand Duchess and Prince Charles wish you all excellent holidays, and take the opportunity of this magical moment spent together to share with you these new pictures,’ the Instagram post read.

Photographs show little Charles reaching for baubles as his father and mother decorated their Christmas tree. 

Another snap, taken outside, showed the happy family wrapped up for winter, with the young prince sporting an adorable grey beanie hat. 

In the first picture, Prince Charles flashed an adorable toothless grin to the camera in his father’s arms. 

In an adorable picture, a curious Prince Charles could be seen reaching out for the Christmas tree’s baubles 

Proud dad Guillaume, 38, held his son high, while Stephanie, 36, leaned against her husband’s shoulder in a sweet embrace. 

The next snap saw the hereditary Grand Duke hold his son close to the Christmas tree, with Prince Charles, dressed in an adorable light grey sweater, reaching for a bauble. 

The curious young royal looked entranced by the tree and the ornaments in the pictures taken with his parents. 

Grand Duchess Stephanie also held Charles close to the tree in another picture, as she placed a bauble on a branch. 

Doting parents Guillaume and Stephanie looked on as Prince Charles observed his first Christmas tree ever 

Another snap, taken outside of the castle, saw the family wrap up for Winter, with Charles sporting an adorable grey beanie hat with a pompom at the top. 

The prince gave the camera his best smile while his doting mother wrapped her arms around him, and his father held him in his arms. 

After this eventful day of decorating, the tiny prince had fallen asleep rubbing his eye in his mother’s arms in an adorable last snap. 

At the time of his birth in May, the young Prince could not meet his grandparents Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa because of social distancing measure put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

But intimate pictures shared in June revealed the newest member of the grand ducal family and eventually met his doting grandparents. 

Grand Duchess Stephanie showed a big red bauble to an amazed Prince Charles, who was wearing an adorable grey woolen sweater 

After a busy afternoon, the young prince rubbed his eyes and fell asleep on his mother’s shoulder 

Discussing the birth of his son back in May, Prince Guillaume said it was ‘probably the most incredible day that we will have in our life’, adding: ‘To be able to greet the child that comes into one’s life is the most magical thing, parenting, a couple can have.’ 

Photographs were then shared as the newborn met his grandparents the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa over a video call.

In a statement, the Luxembourg royals said they were ‘delighted to announce the birth’ of their son.

It read: ‘The Hereditary couple is delighted to announce the birth of their son this Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 5:13 a.m. at the Maternity Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in Luxembourg.

‘The baby will bear the first names of Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume. The child weighs 3.190 kg and is 50 cm tall.’

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