Gym lad tries to chat up woman when working out – but ends up on the floor

Having laid your eyes on someone who takes your fancy – what do you do next?

Briefly ogle at them and then go about your day? Or should you bite the bullet and shoot your best shot?

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Well this one bloke did – but it certainly did not go to plan.

Spotting a woman in the gym, Tristan Isaiah decided to pluck up the courage and approach her while she was working out.

The 25-year-old ‘motivational lifter’ sat on a red cube next to her without saying a word.

Trying to play it cool, Tristan began to stretch while seated as he attempted to "shoot his shot".

But, the stretch soon turned into a mortifying fall.

The fitness buff ended up on the ground with his legs straight up in the air.

Tristan has now posted the CCTV footage of the blunder to TikTok, where the chat up fail has now racked up 10.5 million views.

He explained: “Thought 'if I put my legs out I could get a decent stretch out of this' and didn’t realise how far back I was, so went to stretch and gravity took over.”

Despite the fall, the woman did stop with her workout and approached Tristan before the clip cut off.

Although his pick up tactic not going to plan, many people found the clip hilarious and actually said it was the best ‘move’ to get her attention.

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One person giggled: “The way you just accepted it.”

Another user added: “Better than any pick up line.”

While a third chuckled: “You just trying out a new exercise.”

Someone else applauded: “He played that very well in my opinion. She went to help him. Conversation starters.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person declared: “Honestly, possibly the best move.”

Despite Tristan’s not particular smooth move, it just might have paid off.

The lifter revealed that the woman in the gym who witnessed his mishap actually ended up speaking to him.

Mission accomplished!


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