Hair expert shares the ultimate anti-ager – key to looking younger

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Looking younger is not just skin deep, and hair can be a big factor when it comes to taking years off the face – or adding them on. Simon Tuckwell, director of hair salon Tuckwell & Co and creative director of sustainable haircare brand Oway UK, spoke exclusively to about how mature ladies can look younger in no time.

Simon stated: “As we get older, we may have tried dozens of different haircuts, colours, styles or stuck with the same thing we’ve had since we were kids.”

However, while a good cut, colour and style are all imperative for luscious locks, none of these are the most important component when it comes to looking younger.

The expert explained: “Looking after your hair is the most important part of feeling younger and you’ll not only look and feel great in yourself but having that head turning hair is such a confidence boost too.

“Great condition hair is the ultimate anti-ager. Whether you have colour or have decided to keep to natural, healthy, shiny, well looked-after hair is the key to looking and feeling younger.”

The American Academy of Dermatology Association outlined some simple ways people can maintain healthy hair.

Advice included washing oily hair more frequently, using conditioner after every shampoo – concentrating on the tips -, choosing a shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type and protecting hair while swimming.

Of course, in addition to maintaining a healthy condition, there are also some cut, colour and style tips mature women can use to take years off the face.

During your next trip to the salon, Simon suggested asking for a “haircut that adds movement and frames your features perfectly”.

He did not suggest a go-to do for younger looking hair, but instead recommended finding what’s right for you.

He said: “As you’ll get older, you will have no doubt experimented with different shapes and styles. Finding the right one that makes you feel confident is key.”

However, there are some handy tips and tricks that work for most women, taking years off their faces.

He said: “Adding layers to a bob can add volume and life to give you a bit more oomph.

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“Finding the right length fringe for your face shape can really help boost confidence.”

While it’s important to go with what suits you as an individual, there are some hair tips that work for most women and take years off their age.

Simon advised: “Adding layers to a bob can add volume and life to give you a bit more oomph. Finding the right length fringe for your face shape can really help boost confidence.”

Those who don’t want to go down the “tweakment” route might also benefit for some bangs – they are “great for hiding any forehead lines”.

Colour also has the power to make a woman look years younger – or older. The right tone will complement the face, while the wrong one might emphasise its paleness and translucency as we age.

But regardless of the colour, taking care of your hair is key: “You may have had highlights for years, super super blonde and really packed in. And that’s absolutely fine, as long as it is in great condition.

“If you don’t look after it, that’s when the same look can start to look ageing.” As for style, something with volume is preferable, “full of bounce and feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the salon”.

Simon Tuckwell is the director of Tuckwell & Co in Nottingham and Creative Director Oway UK. 

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