HBO Max to Bow ‘The Head’ Season 2 in Spain

HBO Max is set to premiere in exclusivity “The Head” Season 2 in Spain on Dec. 22. 

As a preview, on Nov. 1, HBO Max will premiere the first full season of “The Head,” which was originally released in Spain by Orange. The second season will be made available in a marathon format, HBO Max and The Mediapro Studio announced Thursday. 

HBO Max has already released Season 1 in the U.S. and Latin America.

The biggest hit to date from The Mediapro Studio, opening in over 90 territories worldwide, “The Head” Season 2 sees Season 1’s S1’s two survivors – renowned biologist Arthur Wilde (John Lynch), head of Polaris VI’s scientific mission, and Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), the station’s young doctor – now on board the Alexandria, a scientific freighter that houses a major laboratory, where Wilde, who has escaped from jail, carries out a crucial mission in the fight against climate change and to guarantee the survival of the planet. The appearance of a decapitated head soon interrupts his research. 

A continuation of Season 1, which was originally envisaged as a limited series, the second season frames te same core dilemma: If one man can save the planet, though guilty of horrible crimes, do you seek to bring him to justice., Ran Tellem, director of international content development at The Mediapro Studio, commented at a Mipcom presentation of the new season. 

Season 2 will again be an action-suspense thriller, as the original instalment, with the explanation and result revealed at the season’s very end. The storytelling will be different, the action told in real time and the season is a significant step upon production levels and location, taking place at Point Nemo in the Pacific, the furthest point from the mainland on earth, Tellem added.

“Season 2” also goes “deeper and darker” in characters and used more diverse characters, and was partly shot on a a real- life cargo freighter measuring 150 meters in length, located in the port of Tenerife and its surroundings, added Jorge Dorado, who return as series director. 

20 new actors of 10 different nationalities, join The Head Season 2 including Hovik Keuchkerian (“Money Heist,” “Riot Police”), Moe Dunford (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), Enrique Arce (“Money Heist,” “Rifkin’s Festival”), Josefin Neldén (“The Restaurant”), Olivia Morris (“Hotel Portofino”), Thierry Godard and Sota Fukushi (“Bleach”).

Season 2 is produced by The Mediapro Studio in association with Hulu Japan. 

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