Heart melting portraits show old dogs now and when they were puppies

Simply a-paw-able! Heart melting portraits show senior dogs now and when they were puppies

  • The heart melting snaps were captured by photographer Amanda Jones
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It’s an often lamented fact that dogs do not live for as long as their human companions.

But while their lifespans are shorter, the joy that their companionship brings can last forever.

In a bid to chronicle the essence of dogs throughout their lives, US photographer Amanda Jones embarked on her Dog Years Project, capturing images of the animals across the span of their lives.

In each of the pet profiles, the first image shows the dogs as as young as six months, paired with a photograph of them years later, often as old as 16 – showing the stark contrast. 

These images were published in a book called Dog Years: Faithful Friends And Now, which presents ‘portraits of each dog as a puppy and again as an older dog’, to ‘reveal the unique spark of personality that lasts a lifetime’. 

Cosmo, an Italian Greyhound from Oakland, CA, lost an eye in the 13 years between his portrait sessions. But enjoyed every one of those years and lived an amazing life

The result is described as ‘a celebration of each dog and a tribute to the relationships we share with our four-legged friends’. 

Speaking about her project, Amanda Jones said: ‘think people can relate to the visible aging process that the images show. I think senior dogs in general stir up strong emotions in people.’

Discussing some of the dogs and their families who appear in her snaps, she said: ‘In working on this book, I rejoined dogs, couples, and families who I had worked with years ago,’ explains Amanda.

‘Some dogs had been lost to illness and accidents. Most are living amazingly long, happy lives in perfect surroundings.’

Morgan, a Rhodesian Ridgeback from Dorset, VT, has changed significantly in the years between the two snaps, growing larger and developing grey hairs

Olive and Mochi were inseparable their entire lives. Their pet parents dressed them up for years for the town pet parade with elaborate costumes. They were always crowd favourites!

Bella, a Dachshund from Houston, TX. She aged wonderfully in the five years between her two portrait sessions

Amanda snapped herself with her Dachshund Benny, who she says has helped her greatly with her breast cancer battle in recent years

Winston and Lola had their first portrait done together, but sadly, only one of them made it to the senior session

According to Amanda, Abby was one of her clients/models for many years. She said: ‘I was fortunate to see her grow from an active young Havanese to a gorgeous senior girl!’

Max is a Dachshund, who Amanda described as aging into ‘a gorgeous senior boy with a powdered sugar snooter’

Schumacher’s portraits show another pooch who aged gracefully throughout the years, becoming increasingly grey as the years went by

Fleur is a Boykin Spaniel – a cross between Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, and American Water Spaniels. The passing years barely show on her

Hazel and Juno grew up together as the best of friends. They both hail from Williamstown, Massachusetts

Two of Amanda’s three dogs. Ladybug and Benny have been friends for many years now according to the snapper

Talking about how the animals aged, she said: ‘The visual impact of comparing the young and the old varies greatly from dog to dog, just as it does from person to person.

‘Some don’t seem to age at all, yet others show the signs quite openly in their eyes, their jowls, and their gray hair.

‘It is this semblance of ourselves and our souls in their eyes that gives us such a deep connection with dogs.’

‘One thing that remains constant is the love people and dogs have for each other. That does not change, no matter how many dog years go by.’

You can find out more about the Dog Years Project here

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