Hilarious photos reveal clueless people making silly mistakes

Not the brightest sparks! Hilarious photos reveal clueless people making VERY silly mistakes

  • Sometimes people around the world are caught having utterly clueless moments
  • Some of the best examples have been captured in this selection of photographs 
  • Collated in a gallery by Wacko Jaco, the images reveal a host of ridiculous scenes

We all have our foolish moments – but thanks to the internet, there’s now a high risk that your blunder is going to be shared online for all the world to see. 

And the people in these photographs know just how true that is – after the snaps of their silly mistakes did the rounds on social media.

Collated in a gallery by Wacko Jaco, the images reveal a host of ridiculous moments made by people from around the world that are now unfortunately on the internet forever. 

One person thought a thermometer was a pregnancy test, while another individual seemingly failed to open an umbrella in the rain.

Clueless! One person, thought to be from the US, became rather confused when confronted with a picture of a thermometer and asked: ‘Does that mean you’re pregnant or not?’

Not raining on his parade! This individual didn’t seem too bothered by the rain – deciding to keep his umbrella closed and instead just place it on his head

Accident waiting to happen: This driver clearly didn’t think this through for when his wheels would eventually start turning

Rather obvious: This homeowner made getting into their home rather easy, with the house number being 3944 and three numbers clearly well-used on the keypad

Totally oblivious: Some people online have suggested this man, at an unknown location, was completely unaware that his dog had fallen into the water. However, it could be that his pet just likes a swim

No-go area: If it wasn’t clear enough with the ‘Stop’ sign, no drivers should apparently past beyond this point

On the edge: This person arguably didn’t take into consideration the risk when setting up this situation 

Too clear: This ‘fake’ coat made it too obvious with the words ‘The North Fake’ printed on to it rather than ‘The North Face’

Step carefully! This person, from an unknown location, was living life on the edge with their dangerous feet positioning on the ladder

Who’s the fool now! This person definitely didn’t have the last laugh after she was left with a two fingered shadow behind her after placing her fingers behind her friend’s head

Not quite the right kit: This person left some social media users unimpressed by their choice of headgear when working with tools

What happened here? This man seemingly didn’t think this situation through, as it’s unclear how he’ll manage to get of his vehicle

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