Historic Mansion Listed For First Time In 100 Years

This $2.9 million dollar mansion is up for grabs as it makes its first debut on the market in over five score, since the 1920’s. The elegant Queen Anne house, a historic St. Augustine, Florida mansion, has had graceful stewardship and structural upkeep towards its current pristine condition.

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With trap doors, a hidden apartment, and a wealth of charm, this home is one only those with appreciation of antiquity would sincerely enjoy. According to First Coast News, the mansion features over 6500 square feet of space and a rare forth floor for its residents to explore. Just a short distance from a waterfront fort, the listing Realtor Janie Coffey describes the home as a truly spectacular property.

The original structure was built in the 1880’s, however 80 Wall Street was first occupied by a veteran confederate and banker Mr. John Dismukes. The Dismukes family included Mother of the home, Elizabeth, and their nine children. Dismukes implanted his family near the Florida Territory in 1885 establishing the First National Bank of St. Augustine. They lived in the seven bedroom Victorian for close to thirty years.

During this time, railroad tycoon Henry Flagler had introduced the people of the ‘Land of Flowers’ to their segment of conveying on steel wheels to compliment the upswing of fancy hotels and their bourgeoisie visitors. .

The house itself is the longest standing brick home in the area. The listing made by Compass Real Estate illustrates the interior design with likeness of Second Empire Victorian architecture featuring numerous fireplaces, claw foot tub and of all original design oversized wavy glass windows. The home was modeled and constructed by Boston contractor John B. Canfield for John T. Dismukes (1847-1925).

Buyers will be even more enchanted by the Jackson family antiques inclusive of their purchase and placed throughout the home. Decorated with living history, pieces such as a dazzling piano owned by the current heir and seller, 67 year old Gregory Jackson’s great grandmother are available to new owners.

Jackson, who domiciles in Boriquen modernly referred to as Puerto Rico, only visits on occasion and his reluctance to selling the family jewel comes unavailing as rising property taxes and thwarting regulations hinder any investment to use the property for rental purposes or other regular visitation.

To get hands on this property is a once in a lifetime opportunity itself and the Jackson family only hopes newcomers will also keep such a gem in their family for another several generations to come.

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