Homemade ice cream can cost THREE times more than buying it from store

MAKING your own ice cream can cost three times more than buying it in a supermarket.

Which? compared the price per 100ml — or 1½ scoops — of vanilla, chocolate and mint choc chip from Aldi, Tesco and Ocado with ingredients needed for a DIY version.

Aldi own brand chocolate cost 25p per 100ml, while DIY ingredients at the same store were 66p.

Tesco’s mint choc chip was 31p, which rose to £1.04 for homemade.

The only time DIY was cheaper was at Ocado — its chocolate is 90p, but 88p for the ingredients.

Which? said freeze-first ice cream makers cost less than £100 but require freezer space to store a bowl of the treat.

Self-freezing machines are more expensive but can make ices within the hour.

Which? said: “Consider if that time-saving is worth the extra cost.”


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