How many roast potatoes SHOULD you have for Christmas dinner?

BBC Good Food magazine causes uproar by suggesting that ONE roast potato is the ideal portion for Christmas dinner – with readers declaring it a ‘food crime’

  • Amy Pope, from Southampton, posted ‘Christmas dinner measurements’ picture
  • Graphic showed measurements for Christmas dinner, including one potato
  • Suggested a 2.5kg crown could feed six people for the festive meal 
  • Also suggested four-six sprouts per person and one medium parsnhip each 
  • Social media users were in uproar over the image of Good Food magazine 

Social media users have been left in uproar at a suggestion from BBC Good Food magazine that you should only have one roast potato with Christmas dinner.

Amy Pope, from Southampton, posted the magazine’s graphic on Twitter, which was designed to help chefs decide how much food they need to buy for the festive feast. 

As well as 100ml of gravy per person, and a 3-4kg turkey to feed six to eight people, it recommended one large or two small roast potatoes per person. 

‘I love BBC Good Food magazine but this is just all kinds of wrong, imagine a Christmas with one roast potato each.’

Many social media users were in uproar over the suggested measurements, which indicated that each individual should have one or two  potatoes, one parsnip and four-six sprouts for Christmas dinner. 

Social media users were left outraged by the Christmas dinner measurements, with one calling it a ‘food crime’ 

One commented: ‘They need to double up everything on there for it to truly be a Christmas meal.’

A spokesperson for the magazine told FEMAIL: ‘The bumper Christmas edition of BBC Good Food Magazine, on sale now, has sparked some heated debate about Christmas dinner. 

‘To be more mindful of food waste, we suggest two small or one large potato per person as the ideal serving, with an option to increase that, if leftovers are your favourite part of the occasion. 

‘Rest assured, there are plenty of us at with giant appetites who would up the quantities, too – particularly the gravy.’

Alice Pope, from Southampton, shared the snap online, commenting: ‘This is all kinds of wrong’

The measurement suggested that a 2.5kg crown feeds six people, while a 3-4kg turkey could feed up to eight people.

Alongside the turkey, the graphic suggested Christmas diners would be satisfied with one carrot, parsnip and potato, as well as four-six sprouts per person. 

Alice started the debate online after she was stunned by the suggestion of diners enjoying one roast potato each for Christmas dinner 

It suggested that 100ml of gravy would be a ‘good amount’ for diners to enjoy. 

Alice’s tweet quickly went viral, with over 2,800 people liking the post in just two days.   

And many social media users were left in uproar over the post, with some saying they suggested the Christmas dinner was a ‘food crime’. 

One said: ‘Actually a food crime. It’s a five roast potato minimum, with the option to have at least 2/3 more than the extras bowl.

‘And no one I know wants one whole parsnip to themselves.’ 

Another wrote: ‘They need to double up everything on there for it to be truly a Christmas meal.’

One added: ‘Is this from the days of rationing?’ 

Others agreed, with one commenting: ‘So so sad about the parsnip, my one solitary parsnip in a tiny dribble of gravy.’ 

Social media users were outraged by the graphic, with some pointing out the quantities weren’t enough, and others suggesting that vital elements were missing from the Christmas dinner 

Others were shocked by the 100ml of gravy, with one posting: ‘MORE GRAVY MORE GRAVY! Don’t make me come up there now!’ 

Others pointed out that the graphic didn’t include several essentials of a Christmas dinner, with one commenting: ‘Pigs in blankets are unlimited.’ 

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘Oi! Stuffing! Bread sauce! Cranberry! Something green that isn’t sprouts! Your XMAS dinner is rubbish.’  

BBC Good Food magazine went on to share an image to help explain their calculations, and suggested that one potato could actually create up to four roasties

‘What about the cauliflower cheese?’ another wrote. ‘Where’s the Yorkshires? The cranberry jelly? The stuffing? The sweet potatoes? Dear god, it’s like Cromwell is back.’ 

BBC Good Food magazine went on to share a graphic which helped to explain their calculations. 

They clarified that they had intended that one large potato or two small potatoes could be cut up into as many as four pieces to create four roast potatoes.

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