I dont use toilet paper or tampons – its better to drip dry and free bleed

A TikTok user has raised eyebrows when she shared her controversial hygiene routine – including no toilet paper or tampons.

Eden Alexandra made a video to share five things that she will never do while keeping her private parts clean and healthy.

"I won't use toilet paper, I do a good job doing the deed down there, I don't need it," she said at the start of the video.

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"Number two, I don't use any soaps, no scrubs, definitely no body washes, absolutely nothing but water to clean."

Eden said women's vaginas are "naturally self-cleaning", adding that anything you put down there, whether it's scented or contains certain chemicals, it can "throw off your natural bacterias and your pH".

When it comes to periods, she also states very clearly that she's a free-bleeder.

"I don't use tampons, I don't use pads," she explained.

"In fact, I free bleed. I have the luxury of having fairly light periods so I don't necessarily need these items.

"I will opt to just bleed."

Eden also prefers to wear loose clothing to allow her private parts to breathe so she will never wear tight clothes and tight underwear.

And the last important point, she adds: "I don't douche – your vagina is not supposed to smell like a field of strawberries or roses or vanilla.

"Your natural smell is amazing."

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Viewers were shocked and confused, with one asking: "I can't tell if she is joking?!"

"You lost me at the free bleed part," a second commented and a third questioned: "If you don't use toilet paper, what do you use to wipe then?"

Eden confirmed that she was not joking at all, adding: "I'm a sensitive gal and these things cause irritation.

"Drip dry, my friend. Drip dry."


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