I’m a 29-year-old and live in a van which I made into a tiny home – the bed takes up half the space, but I love it | The Sun

WHEN most of us picture our dream home, we imagine a pretty roomy abode. 

But that’s not the case for Holly, who posts on social media as @AGiftByGaia.

The 29-year-old and her partner have recently put the finishing touches on their dream dwelling: a converted van largely taken up by a double bed. 

But according to Holly, the “tiny home on wheels” gives the couple more “freedom” than bricks and mortar ever could. 

The couple’s journey began back in 2021, when they splashed out on an old Mercedes Sprinter van. 

The vans generally sell for anywhere between £3k and £15k, depending on which model you opt for.

“We completely gutted it,” Holly says in a TikTok video, “and decided to build a tiny home.” 

The handy pair did all the renovations themselves to keep costs down, with the whole job taking around 2 years while both of them juggled full-time work alongside their project. 

Despite calling it “one of the hardest undertaking we’ve ever completed together”, the final result is undeniably cosy.

The miniature abode has its own fire, a work station for Holly to make her jewellery, and a stunning wall made of decorative slabs. 

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The inner furnishings are all crafted out of oak wood, giving the couple plenty of storage space for their belongings, while they've also fitted essentials like taps and a portable stove. 

What’s more, the entire back of the van opens up, allowing the lovebirds to gaze out at the beautiful rivers and forestry near where they park up. 

According to Holly, the tiny home is “everything we ever wanted”. 

It’s allowed the couple to live a “slower life”, reconnecting with nature and even foraging for their dinner. 

In another clip, the earthy pair shared that they plan on starting to travel around the UK in their new home over the next few months, so they can experience all the landmarks they’ve always wanted to visit. 

“We built our tiny home,” Holly wrote, “and can now begin living the life we always dreamt of.”

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