Im a gypsy but trolls love to poke fun at my big pout – I dont care

A gypsy woman snapped back at nasty trolls after they targeted her juicy pout.

Suzy often shares snippets of her lifestyle on social media which helped her rack up over 100,000 followers. While many are supportive and intrigued at the traveller way of life, not everyone is kind about Suzy or her glam appearance.

The brunette beauty is a self-proclaimed 'comedian' and regularly films sketches poking fun at herself and her community. Some even say she doesn't act like a 'stereotypical' traveller. But she doesn't let the trolls off lightly.

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In a recent TikTok clip which racked up thousands of views, Suzy, who posts under @cuzinsuzy92, joked she had been 'crying her eyes out' since she spotted a rude remark regarding her supposedly filler pumped lips.

She mocked: "After I saw this comment, I just started crying my eyes out. I’m just very emotional when it comes to comments like this – I get really offended and really, really emotional…"

Good job Suzy was only being sarcastic as she admitted online trolls do not get to her. The content creator reassured: "I’m only joking, I don’t really care." Although, not everyone likes her style of satirical humour. "You most definitely don’t act like a traveller," one commented. "My mother would have had a heart attack.”


As Suzy made jokes about her background, one person posted: "I am a traveller, what’s wrong with that?" Others said that she was "cruel" for joking about her community.

But Suzy simply responded: "I’m only joking, I don’t really care."

Many people fled to Suzy's defence and praised her sense of humour. "I don’t get why you get so many negative comments," one wrote. "I love your content." Another added: "How can people hate cousin Suzy like a second mother to me."

While a third voiced: "Swear love your responses. Keep doing you and ignore the negative."

Good for her!

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