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A LANDLORD claims they are "treated so bad" and it's in fact TENANTS that have never had it so good.

After discovering a renter had left her flat trashed, the homeowner erupted in a house-sized whinge posted to TikTok.

Bemoaning her "horrible job", the London-based landlord blasted Brits for feeling sorry for "poor tenants".

Instead she asked: "what about poor landlords?" as she revealed what she found after her three-year-long tenant left.

The TikTokker – known as 'Thefiveamshopper' – whinged: "I gave her a perfect, beautiful, freshly painted, everything in it property.

"Furniture is missing, she spray painted gold my fireplace, pieces of my furniture and didn't even bother to put newspaper on the carpet, all splotches."

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As she fumed about her "thankless" job, she insisted she is a "good landlord" who only owns "one property".

The TikTokker – who shares videos of holidays in Thailand and shopping trips on her channel – added: "Everyone's talking about London tenants like 'oh poor them'.

"You know, what about poor me? Poor landlord!"

She blasted tenants for viewing landlords like the late multi-billionaire American crook Bernie Madoff "sitting at home counting stacks of cash".

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And she claimed how half the rent she gets goes into "all the stuff" landlords buy just to "please tenants".

"I just don't get it, what's the deal?", she fumed.

But TikTok users held no punches as they reacted in shock at the claims.

One ridiculed the moan, sarcastically saying: "Oh no!!

"I get thousands of pounds for my home and someone to pay my mortgage! and it looks lived in!"

Another simply asked "is this a joke" accompanied by a tiny violin emoji.

While another questioned why she did not do regular inspections of the flat while the tenant was in situ.

But another was more balanced, simply noting: "Sell it then."


Your landlord is responsible for most of the repairs that need to be carried out on your home.

According to housing charity Shelter, these include, fixing issues with the electrical wiring, gas pipes and boilers, heating and hot water, sinks, baths and toilets.

Tenants are responsible for repairing their own furnishings, such as a fridge or freezer if the property is let unfurnished.

You may be entitled to compensation from your landlord if they fail to carry out repair work within a reasonable time, or if your house is unfit to live in due to poor conditions.

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This may be in the form of a rent reduction or a payout. If your landlord agrees to this, Shelter advises you get it in writing.

If your landlord won't agree, renters can take legal action to claim compensation either during the tenancy or after it ends.

What to do if your landlord won’t carry out repairs

IF a landlord is taking unreasonably long to carry out repairs then tenants can take them to court.

Of course, most tenants would rather not take this action and work things out between themselves.

If a tenant does need to do this then they apply to the local county court.

The court can force a landlord to carry out a fix and pay compensation.If the court finds in favour of the the tenant then the landlord could be liable for some or all of the legal costs.

Tenants are also able to complain to Environmental Health or a relevant landlord association, but only if their landlord is a member.

For more advice, visit the Citizens Advice website.

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