Influencer is slammed by followers for comparing bikini business to a child

An Australian influencer has upset her followers after she compared her business to having a child.

Karina Irby owns and designs her own successful bikini brand, Moana Bikini, which has been a roaring success internationally.

Commenters were quick to share their opinions on her post, telling her off for making the comparison.

While her original post discussing the similarities between running a company and having a child has been taken down, she has shared some of the upset comments she received.

"I am sure your intentions are good when making the statement 'running a company is like having a child'… no. It's not," one woman wrote.

"Whilst you may be busy and having to have innovative days and sleepless nights you can replace your company if it dies … I respect your thoughts but please don't compare your company to parenthood. Ever."

Another follower added: "A child is a living, breathing 24h 365-day responsibility.

"Pretty sure you have a decent sleep most nights and don't have to get up to a crying child, a child that won't settle, a child who needs you desperately … don't compare it to something you've never done."

Karina has since addressed those who were upset by her original post, standing by what she said.

"Firstly, children and business are not the same thing. I’d like to address that I do have a deeper understanding of this," she wrote in a new caption.

"My original post about @ryanjonestown and I not wanting to have children was not a comparing competition. I was simply expressing that running a busy company (along with a lot of other factors) fulfils us.

"Honestly, I find some of these statements a little offensive and misguided. My business IS my 10-year-old child. And, no disrespect to any parents out there, but she has been an absolute handful to say the very least."

The influencer and businesswoman said she often runs on little sleep and holidays are non-existent.

She also said she is often worried about the safety of her company and her employees.

"You cannot replace a business if it fails. You literally start over… from the beginning," she continued.

"Parenthood looks different for everyone. Humans. Pets. Companies. All involve huge responsibilities and commitments.

"I have all of the love and respect for parents. Your job must be one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling jobs on the planet. A few of my closest friends have all just become mumma’s and I’m in awe of them every single day.

"But I never diminished your journey. I merely expressed my feelings and desires. So don’t diminish mine."

Karina's followers were quick to jump to her defence, with many agreeing with her original post.

"As someone with three kids who grew up in and still works for my family's business, I agree with you. It’s just as much responsibility and emotional attachment in my humble opinion," one follower wrote.

A second follower added: "Parents can act really high and mighty just because they chose to have children, I understand your struggles but do not act like your life is so much harder than everyone else’s, people all have their own sh** going on GOOD ON YOU KARINA."

While others didn't necessarily agree with the core of her statement, they understood where she was coming from.

"There really is no comparison between having children and running a company but I dunno what people are so hopped up about just leave it. So she would rather prioritise her business instead of having children – so what?" another person wrote.

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