Kanye Is Launching A New Brand, Also Expanding Donda Sports

Kanye West always appears to be working on something new, and what’s coming next could be the launch of a new brand. Based on his latest business moves, the rapper appears to a few exciting things coming in the future.

According to TMZ, his company Masscotte Holdings has filed for several new trademarks. Paperwork reveals that Kanye wants to trademark the rights to the name Donda Sports. He apparently wants to  be able to use the name to sell on products, like clothing and accessories (including “fanny packs, luggage, wallets, umbrellas and blankets”).

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The company also filed to trademark two names that look like they could belong to a new brand – Donda Doves and Dove Sports.

TMZ suggests that Donda Doves sounds like the name of a sports team. Kanye has expressed interest in owning a sports team before.

In March, it was reported the rapper was interested in buying the Denver Broncos in what could’ve been a $4 billion deal. Antonio Brown, who’d recently been named president of Donda Sports, said Ye had him looking into it.

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Should Donda Doves be a sports team, Dove Sports may be the name for its merchandise line. Other theories suggest Donda Doves could be a main brand, while Dove Sports is its athletic line.

But the trademark paperwork suggests the Kanye wants to launch a line of athletic accessories via Donda Dove, while Dove Sports would provide various athletic services.

The paperwork says Kanye wants to use Dove Sports for “athletic services such as training sessions, competitions, tournaments, camps, seminars, field trips and even traditional educational frameworks … like classes, workshops and seminars,” TMZ reports.

The name Donda Doves, however, is intended to be used on sports accessories, like “baseball bats, basketballs, hockey pucks and […] posters, mugs, sporting goods and online retail stores.”

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Kanye has a number of brands under his name, including Yeezy. However, he recently announced Yeezy’s collaboration with Gap was coming to an end after taking several stabs at the company via social media.

As per PEOPLE, Ye’s attorney sent Gap a letter saying they failed to meet their obligation to sell 40% of Yeezy x Gap items in store as well as open 5 stores specifically to host the line. So far, Gap has not publicly responded to the debacle, however their shares have reportedly fallen since Kanye’s announcement.

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