Katy Perry Sings About ‘Make-Ups & Break-Ups’ With Orlando Bloom In ‘Champagne Problems’ Video

Days after giving birth, Katy Perry shared a new disco-themed music video that celebrated both how she and Orlando Bloom ‘made it this far,’ as well as how she looked ‘pre-baby.’

“llllll weee goooot arre #ChampagneProblems nowwe [music emoji, champagne bottle emoji, champagne toast emoji],” Katy Perry wrote when sharing a snippet of her new “Champagne Problems” music video on Sunday (Aug. 30.) The video, the latest from Katy’s recently released Smile album, shows Katy living out her Studio 54/Donna Summer fantasy, wearing red hair, a jewel-encrusted headpiece, and a shimmery, metallic dress. Seeing herself back before she was pregnant with Orlando Bloom’s daughter left Katy, 35, nostalgic for her old body, and she shared those feelings with her fans. “Listen to Champagne Problems to get your pre-baby body back [distressed face emoji.]”

This song, Katy said told Billboard, is about “how intense it’s gotten and how many things we have had to go through. Yes, we have problems. Everybody has challenges in a relationship. If it’s a real relationship, it’s going to challenge you into your best self.” On the track, she sings, “Make-ups to the breakups / Times we coulda gave up / We put the dirty work in /So now we know it’s worth it / Now we’re celebrating / I’m so glad we made it this far.”

“Champagne Problems” was released four days after Katy and Orlando, 43, welcomed their daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, and hours before Katy shared the first look at the post-baby body. While jokingly pretending to get ready for the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, Katy shared a shot of her wearing a nursing bra by Medela, underwear by Frida Mom, and “hair n makeup by exhaustion.” Oh, Katy looked tired in the bathroom selfie, but she soundtracked the Instagram Story with her new song, “Not the End of the World.” So, it’s good to hear that the new mom is keeping her spirits high, even when her energy is low.

Katy and Orlando announced the arrival of their little girl on Aug. 26. It was actually UNICEF, of all places, who broke the news. “We are honored to introduce Goodwill Ambassadors @KatyPerry and @OrlandoBloom’s new bundle of joy,” the humanitarian organization posted to Instagram while sharing a picture of Katy and Orlando holding their newborn’s hand. “We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” added the new parents.

The news of Katy and Orlando’s first child was greeted with messages of happiness of love from their family, friends…and in the case of Orlando, his ex-wife. When Orlando shared UNICEF’s message, Miranda Kerr, 37, wrote, “I’m so happy for you guys” in the comments section. “Can’t wait to meet her.” Though Orlando and Miranda called it quits in 2013, the couple has remained close while co-parenting their son, 9-year-old Flynn.

She has also struck up a friendship with Katy. The “Roar” singer attended the 2019 launch of Miranda’s Kora Organics skincare line. Afterward, she wrote a lovely message to Miranda, telling her, “KORA-grats on an illuminating vitamin C packed to perfection product.” Katy is as excited for Miranda to meet Daisy, too. “[Miranda] and Katy have a great relationship and are genuinely friends,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Orlando will want Flynn to meet Daisy as soon as possible, so I’m sure it won’t be long.”

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