Kris Jenner’s favorite skincare product is ‘top secret’

Kris Jenner lives a very luxe life.

The momager, 63, is known for throwing over-the-top parties, wearing expensive designer clothes and basically being the walking definition of the word “extra,” so it stands to reason that her skincare routine would be just as lavish.

The reality TV star revealed to Refinery29 that her two go-to moisturizers are Thibiant Beverly Hills New Radiance Optimum Synergy Cream ($215) and celebrity favorite Crème de la Mer ($175). (“Who doesn’t love La Mer?” she said.)

Jenner refused to share the name of her number-one favorite face cream, however, calling it “top secret” — which, as the publication noted, might mean it’s part of her daughter Kylie Jenner’s rumored skincare line. Kylie filed trademarks for “Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner” and “Kylie Skin” back in September 2018, but has kept quiet about her plans for the potential brand.

Whether or not Kris is using Kylie-branded moisturizer, she did credit her kids for teaching her their beauty tricks. “My kids are pretty specific about the way you apply certain products,” she said. “Like, you rub everything upward and across the face and the neck. The application of giving yourself your own mini face massage is amazing.”

She added that she never wore sunscreen until her children educated her about the importance of SPF. “When I was growing up, we just put baby oil and iodine all over and sat there with a reflector on the beach and it was as much sun as we could get,” Jenner explained. “We didn’t know any better. Now, this generation really takes care of themselves … Just the other day, all the kids were in the pool, and they were slathering on sunscreen and I thought, OK, good point, better get something for my face.”

Perhaps she’ll be the face of Kylie Skin’s launch.

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