Lana Del Rey Finally Addresses That Mesh Mask Controversy

She got a few other things off her chest, too.

Six weeks after the great mesh mask controversy of 2020, Lana Del Rey has finally clapped back at the critics who ridiculed what was initially seen as a poor (and porous) wardrobe choice.

On October 2, the singer attended a book signing in LA, wearing a very attractive but see-through netted face mask — and was summarily and decisively shamed for appearing to not take Covid precautions seriously.

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On Sunday, an Op-Ed published by The Michigan Daily revisited the debacle with a wider scope on the machinations of cancel culture, and who should reply, but Ms. Del Rey herself.

“Great article,” she wrote. “The mask had plastic on the inside.”

“They’re commonly sewn in by stylists these days,” she continued. “I don’t generally respond to articles because I don’t care. But there ya go. Same goes for everyone’s masks in my video. I’m lucky enough to have a team of people who can do that.”

The article also brought up some of the “other whispers online” that the 35-year-old singer frequently has wielded against her, like the classic trope about her glamorizing abusive relationships, or the more recent one about her being a secret Trump supporter; Lana took the opportunity to address those too.

“Again not that I believe it’s anyone’s business at all — but I made it clear who I voted for,” she wrote. Her timeline is full of congratulations for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and she previously tweeted “Go. F–k. Yourself.” at one follower who said she voted Trump.

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“And I don’t glamorize tough relationships. Relationships can just be tough. Period. Every other singer sings about the same damn thing,” she added. “Always have. Probably always will. Thanks stay tuned.”

She also explained her delayed response to the controversy.

When one fan wrote “No hate but took you long enough”, she replied: “Bro I’m working on 2 albums and excitedly and happily donating a million dollars throughout the nation. If I responded to everything I would be [shrug emoji]”

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