Lana Rhoades scaled jails barbed wire fence to find partner before adult career

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Former porn star Lana Rhoades has revealed the lengths she used to go to for a past boyfriend, even infiltrating a prison to find him.

During her short career as an adult entertainer, Lana quickly became one of the world’s most popular models, but quit after struggling to cope with the industry’s dark side.

The 25 year-old has since given birth to her son Milo, although the dad has not been named.

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Recently, Lana has also relaunched her podcast series Three Girls One Kitchen, where she has opened up about her romantic life with her two friends Alexa Adams and Olivia Davis.

And, in one episode, the trio discussed the craziest things they had done for love, with Lana admitting to being involved in one drunken prison escapade.

“I hitchhiked to the county jail where my boyfriend was being detained, and I proceeded to climb a barbed wire fence,” she confessed.

“I found a ladder that went up to the building and I was knocking on the jail windows asking if anyone knew [her boyfriend].

“Surprisingly, I didn’t get caught, after I was done making a fool of myself I climbed down the ladder, back over the barbed wire fence, half my pants ripped off.

“Then I went inside the county jail, asked the officer to call my mum, and she came and got me.”

In fact, the former adult performer went on to reveal that she had even spent time in jail herself, after taking the blame for one of her boyfriends who had a habit of breaking into houses.

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“I took all the blame for it and went to prison, and then he proposed to one of my good friends,” she explained.

Now, Lana has settled into her role as a new single mother. She has refused to reveal the identity of the child’s father, but admitted that she had worried about being “undesirable” during a lonely pregnancy.


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