“Let the family see the tapes”: Family, community leaders call for transparency after fatal police shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

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Clergy, community leaders and the family of Andrew Brown Jr. are demanding that body camera footage of a North Carolina deputy involved in the killing of Brown be released. Authorities have said that Brown, 42, was shot and killed while deputies were serving warrants. 

“At least let the family see the tapes,” Dr. William J. Barber II said during a Saturday afternoon press conference held with Brown’s family. “This is what justice and truth demands.”

Few details are known about the shooting, but an eyewitness said that deputies fired shots at Brown as he attempted to drive away from the scene. 

Elizabeth City officials, according to Mayor Bettie Parker, said that they were preparing for protests there to continue, and so far have not made any arrests as a result of the fatal shooting that involved deputies who are separate from the city’s police force.

Seven North Carolina Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office deputies have been placed on leave.

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