Luxury Watch Maker Signs Ferrari Partnership

When it comes to the finest of luxury and precision in watch design, watch maker Richard Mille is a clear leader in the industry. They recently partnered with supercar maker Ferrari to release collaboratively designed luxury watches and the merger couldn’t possibly be more fitting.

Those who appreciate the fine quality of an exceptionally manufactured time piece, will surely want to to uncover the beauty of the watches this partnership will bring. Live Trading News reports that both brands are synonymous with prestige, and elegance, and are poised to see increased brand awareness and success with this newly designed watch.

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When it comes to fancy cars, Ferraris sit at the top of the class. The unique buying experience that Ferrari offers truly only exists for those that are among the highest class in society. The cutting edge technology and raw power that the Ferrari brand represents, is second to only the high quality aesthetic design of this exceptional vehicle. To own a machine of this caliber is truly an experience that only the wealthiest will ever enjoy. Those who wish to pay homage to the brand with an exceptionally designed time piece, will now be able to seize the opportunity to wear a piece of Ferrari’s rich history on their wrists.

Crafting a partnership with Ferrari was a natural step for Richard Mille, and as Live Trading News reports; “Richard Mille’s partnership with Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) will help increase the Swiss luxury watchmaker’s brand value when it comes to wearable timepieces.”

This new project will see each of these two luxury brands responsible for the design and development of their own corporations. Of course, like any other truly fine product, there will be limited numbers of these watches produced. The lucky few that access one of these watches will truly be adding a one-of-a-kind, precious accessory to their collection. These watches will surely be cherished and are likely to continue to increase in value, well after the purchase date.

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A spokesperson for the Ferrari Brand, Mattia Bonotto spoke about the level of pride she felt towards this project. Watch Pro quotes her as saying; “I am very pleased about this new multi-year partnership. Ferrari and Richard Mille share many common values, from technology to use of similar materials, as well as the passion we put into coming up with and designing our products. Both brands bear the name of their founder and represent their dreams and visions.”

The relationship between these two giants is perfectly aligned, as Richard Mille himself is a huge racing fan, and is proud to work alongside Ferrari in a combined effort between their brands.

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