Mark Wright anticipates seeing his £1.3m home for the first time as he shows off windows

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Mark Wright has given a glimpse of his gorgeous £1.3million Essex home as he anticipates seeing his 'dream' house for the 'first time'.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star, 34, who recently enjoyed a private jet trip to Ibiza from Majorca with his wife Michelle Keegan, 34, revealed the gorgeous box sash windows installed at his Essex pad to his 1.8million Instagram followers.

Mark revealed how the couple have not seen the house in full because of a scaffolding cover that has protected the building work during the winter.

However the Heart Radio presenter described how he and the Brassic actress could not wait to see their home 'for the first time'.

Mark panned to the gorgeous box sash windows, which had been installed by Home Hub, and revealed that the couple had 'always dreamed of having' the traditional Georgian features.

Speaking on his Instagram, Mark said: "I have turned up at the house and it has been a while. I have heard news that the windows have arrived and I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

"Home Hub have absolutely smashed it. Look at that! Beautiful scenes! The windows are in – we are in the dry. Beautiful Georgian windows – something me and the wife have always dreamed of having."

Mark described how it was a surreal to see the home taking shape after he and Michelle sat in bed one night and drew their dream home.

He continued: "A Georgian house with Georgian box sash windows. Whenever me and Michelle stay in hotels that have these box sash windows we would always used to say that we would love to have them at home and Home Hub have created that for us.

"Beautiful scenes. All of the house is white now. This [scaffolding cover] is days away from being dropped! That is all going to be dropped at once (I mean not like in the click of a fingers) but it will all be dropped and overnight we will see our house for the first time."

Mark also panned to the cover over the house, adding: "Remember, we have never seen our house fully done with the roof on and everything because this has been here the whole winter to keep us in the dry.

"So yes we have seen it on a CGI of what we have done, yes we designed this house ourselves we sat and drew it together in bed one night and now it is all coming to life but, again, I repeat we have never seen our house because this cover is here. As soon as that drops we will see our house. The dream that we have always wanted to create.

"But these windows have just literally topped it over the edge. Look how beautiful they look."

The former reality star also gave a glimpse out of a gorgeous window which overlooked the stunning countryside.

Michelle and Mark, who tied the knot in May 2015, purchased a mock-Tudor farmhouse in the Essex countryside in 2019 but that property has now been demolished to make way for a newly-built home.

In March, Mark shared a montage of the building work, captioned: “Part of my life I don’t always share is my property development.

“A hobby and side hustle that I love but last July me and @michkeegan started building our dream home… we debated sharing our journey & after a lot of thought we decided we wanted to bring you along with us!”

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