McVities teases two new types of Digestives, including gingerbread

McVities will release Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding Digestives next month – and biscuit fans joke the year is ‘finally improving’

  • McVities is set to release two new Digestives flavours for Christmas this year 
  • The biscuit will become available in Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding flavour
  • Fans of the chocolaty snacks could not wait for the winter holidays to come 

McVities will launch two new Digestives flavours next month ahead of the festive season. 

Gingerbread Digestives and Christmas Pudding Digestives will be rolled out in stores across the UK on September 22. 

A fan of the brand unveiled their new limited festive treats on the Snack News and Review Facebook group this morning and the release has since been confirmed by McVities.   

Digestives fans have already taken to social media to share their excitement ahead of their launch. 

McVities teased its two upcoming flavours, which, it is believed, will be released to coincide with the holidays 

Fans of the biscuits will be able to get their hands on the treats, which will cost £1.50 a packet, in Asda, Morrisons, Nisa, Co Op, Spar and Amazon.

The two flavours will be combined with the chocolate biscuits which are some of McVities most popular. 

The brand currently counts including milk and dark chocolate, classic caramel and banoffee caramel, double chocolate and coffee caramel. 

After their were teased on Facebook, the Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding Digestives garnered more and more attention, with  the post received more than 800 likes and 520 shares.  

Fans of the chocolate treat welcomed the good news, with some saying 2020 was finally improving

Digestives fans could not contain their excitement on social media. 

‘2020 is gradually getting better,’ one wrote. 

‘Well done and looking forward to getting them in my belly, ‘ another said. 

‘Omg I want! Especially gingerbread,’ said another.  

However, some fans claimed the recipe should not be messed with. 

‘Stop interfering with chocolate digestives,’ one wrote, ‘there’s no need they’re perfect! Hello,’ they added. 

While some fan said chocolate digestives were already perfect, others could not wait to taste the new flavours

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