Meghan Markle fan says shes been ousted from this country

Meghan Markle fan wants to give her a place at coronation

A number of protestors gathered today in London amid the Coronation of King Charles III.

One held a sign with Meghan Markle’s face on it and claimed the singer had been “ousted” from the UK.

Her sign read “Princess of Hearts” a famous nickname given to the late Princess Diana.

The protestor told an interviewer: “I’m here to give Meghan a place in the Coronation.”

She said the Duchess of Sussex “deserved” to be at the Coronation, which her husband Prince Harry attended alone.

She went on: “She’s been ousted from this country and I think she deserves to be here in spirit.

“She is the Princess of our hearts. As you can see I absolutely love her.”

The protestor also criticised the cost of the Coronation ceremony. She said: “I think the money spent on the Coronation is an outrage. We’re going to be here again in a couple more years.

“I think in the cost of living crisis even just the money spent on security alone could help so many people. I’m very, very cross right now to be honest.”

The Coronation is reported to cost between £50 million and £100 million.

This includes the ceremony but also the reception in Windsor Gardens where Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will perform.

Twitter users have thrown their support behind Meghan today, in her absence from the Coronation.

One supported the protestor and wrote: “This is so great to see. Thank you to that wonderful lady who made that sign.”

“Yes, Meghan is the people’s Princess,” another wrote.

Meghan is at home in California today, which also happens to be her son Archie’s birthday.

The Duchess is said to be throwing a “low-key” party for her son, who is turning four.

However, some cheeky social media users claimed to have seen Meghan in “disguise” in the pews at Westminster Abbey.

The cheeky tweeters suggested the Duchess may be wearing a wig, a fake mustache, and a pair of glasses to sneak into the Coronation ceremony.

The currently unidentified man sat in the pews at the Abbey causing many to make the same joke.

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