Meghan McCain On Why She'd 'Probably Lose' If She Ran For Office

McCain said she has time to figure out what’s next, as she hasn’t “spiraled into irrelevance quite yet.”

Now that Meghan McCain has moved on from “The View” and published a juicy memoir, will a run for office be up next for the daughter of late Senator John McCain?

“At some point, maybe,” she told People. “I’m definitely not in that phase, but it’s more likely that I would run for office than host a show. That’s much more intriguing to me.”

The Republican pundit said she would rather take a shot at the political arena than go be the host of her own TV show. “I don’t want to be Tucker Carlson. At this point in my life, moving home to Arizona and running for office sounds way more interesting.”

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However, she said her legacy might get in the way of her bid. “People hate children of politicians. People hate it. So I would probably lose.”

Despite having no immediate plans after she wraps the book tour for “Bad Republican,” Meghan said she’s not worried and simply content to let her life unfold. “I haven’t spiraled into irrelevance quite yet,” she added. “I just want to wait and see.”

And if her name never hits a ballot, she’ll consider working in some other capacity revolving politics, such as a consulting gig.

“I feel very at home among political people. I feel very understood. We’re all interested in the same things. And I feel really respected in a way that I don’t necessarily feel in TV media, for whatever that’s worth.”

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