Melania Trump’s First Lady ‘image was crafted’ former friend claims

Melania Trump’s image was ‘crafted’ says former adviser

Donald Trump’s term as the US President came to an end yesterday as Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th US President. Melania Trump served as the First Lady for four years alongside her husband.

While in the position, Melania would often travel with Donald as he made appearances as the President.

She would also attend events by herself and set up the Be Best initiative, which focused on the wellbeing of children.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, her former senior advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff discussed Melania’s time in the White House.

Stephanie made claims about the image of Melania over the last four years.

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“The truth is that her image was crafted and it’s very important for people to realise Melania was a source of endless conjecture,” Stephanie claimed.

“She was an enigma and a mystery. But now it’s important for people to really understand who she is and that her moral character is the same as Donald.”

During her time as FLOTUS, Melania would occasionally speak on issues that were important to her.

As well as creating the Be Best initiative, she carried out some other First Lady traditions.

For example, Melania hosted an annual Easter egg roll and would decorate the White House at Christmas.

However, Stephanie claimed Melania found her duties as First Lady “tedious, inconsequential and quite unnecessary”.

Stephanie addressed the farewell speech Melania made earlier this week.

During the goodbye message, the former FLOTUS spoke about her time in the White House and shared encouraging words for US citizens.

Discussing the message, Stephanie stated Melania did not discuss recent actions of her husband.

The former advisor claimed: “Her speech was tone death to the fact her husband just did the most impeachable type of event.

“His actions are something that have to have consequences.

“Melania is not just implicit, she is Donald’s enabler.”

“She squandered the opportunity” of being First Lady, Stephanie claimed.

She continued: “My sense is that Melania Trump stays with Donald Trump. They are the same person. She is a much more beautiful Donald.”

Melania has been married to Donald Trump for nearly 16 years, since January 22, 2005.

She became the First Lady of the United States when Donald was inaugurated in January 2017.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden took over the roles of President and First Lady of the United States during an inauguration ceremony yesterday.

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