Model quits OnlyFans after cheeky subscribers ask her to sell breast milk

A model spilled the beans on the real reason she quit OnlyFans.

Juju Ferrari was earning an absolute fortune from her racy snaps on the adults-only platform.

While she enjoyed the money, the influencer grew sick of the requests after she became pregnant for the fourth time.

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Now she revealed to her subscribers why she quit OnlyFans.

She told fans: "Guys, I've waited a while to talk about this because I needed to process what happened.

"But I think the time has come for me to reveal to you why I left OnlyFans."

The bombshell claimed while the money was "nice", over time she received some strange requests.

She added: "And they only got worse after my last pregnancy.

"I have never spoken publicly about this, but I decided to leave the platform after I was asked to sell my breast milk.

"That was the last straw. After that, I realised that they had no more reason for me to stay there.

"That's why I preferred to walk away from the platform and stay here alone."

The influencer recently claimed she had to shrink her bum in snaps as women got jealous.

Juju posted a bikini snap last month, and she was accused of decreasing the size of her bum.

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She said: "Now I reduce it in Photoshop. I do it because of hater attacks, mainly those of women."

Some people supported the model, but others think she "exaggerated" the abuse she gets online.

One person added: "You're amazing, don't care what people say."

The influencer said she gets thousands of insults on her profile every day from women who don't like her body.

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