Mum ridiculed over ridiculous baby name people say sounds like adult star

A mum has been ridiculed after asking fellow parents whether a baby name she liked was useable.

We’ve all done it when we’re about to have a child – heard of a name that we immediately love but know is a bit odd.

From Apple to Balthazar there are many lesser known names that can tickle our fancy.

And, the anonymous woman posted to Mumsnet after hearing the name on a pal’s shortlist and immediately falling in love with it.

But, fellow parents ripped her to shreds over the rare name.

She said: “Velvet. Someone just told me this was on their shortlist. I love it, I want it… I can’t can I?”

Almost 100 people joined in to comment on the name – and most seemed to despise it.

One person said: “Its not a girls name, its a fabric. Like acrylic, viscose and nylon.”

While another added: “It does sound more like a pet's name than a child's, in my very humble opinion. Like a tiny wee baby rabbit.”

A third noted: “It’s also used as a descriptive term for a vagina.

“Tipping the velvet, velvet glove etc.”

And a jokester said: “Why not Silk or Satin or Polly-Esther?”

The poster came back and added: “Yes it's the name of a fabric but that doesn't matter does it, names need to have meaning beyond the name.

“Leo means lion, Gordon means triangular hill…”

But, people still weren’t having it.

One mum said: “No, I really don't think you can. Could you call it out in the supermarket without feeling self conscious?

“It’s not a name,” added another. “Whatever next?”

While a third added: “No. It's quite ridiculous.

“Nylon is rather nice though, or Gore-tex for a boy.”

“It sounds like a porn star name, sorry,” added another.

But, some loved the idea of a child called Velvet.

One woman said: “My sister has chosen a name remarkably similar to above, Velvet not Poly Esther!”

While another added: “I think it's lovely.”

A third noted: “She would need to have dark hair and like riding horses.”

What do you think? Would you name your daughter this name? Tell us in the comments…

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