Mum with 800 tattoos before she got inked – and was called mentally-ill freak

A mum who has spent a fortune covering her body in 800 tattoos has revealed how she looked with ink-free skin.

Valerie Watson – who also has nine face tatts – got her first one aged 14 while holidaying in Mexico.

And since getting those angel wings on her back as a teenager, her intricate body art has gradually made her into a social media star.

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But she has now shared old photos with Daily Star showing how different she looked before the epic tattoo transformation.

The glam 34-year-old said: “When I look at those old photos I just think ‘wow’ because I was a baby with so much to see and learn.

“I prefer how I look now. I am myself, who I was always meant to be.

“I always loved art or anything different when it comes to expressing yourself and I always knew I didn’t want to look like everyone else.

“I am also an artist and painter and I see my tattoos as beautiful creations.”

Despite being proud of her dazzling inkings, the mum-of-two gave a candid interview last week where she revealed how other parents call her a "druggy".

Speaking of the cruel consequences of her striking appearance, she said: “I am constantly getting pulled over or I’m discriminated against when I’m at the park with my son.

“I have mums not wanting my child to play with theirs.

“I would think that in this day and age people would be used to it or see people like me often. But it’s not the case.

“I always get really nasty looks but it’s my body, my choice so I ignore it.

“The worst comments I’ve had are that I’m a freak, mentally ill or a drug addict. It’s sad.”

The painter, who lives in San Diego, California, said her message to trolls was to “never judge a book by its cover”.

And she said cruel comments directed at her are less hurtful because she has the full support of her husband, Wes, and her two boys, Xavier, 15, and Wolf, three.

Valerie now has 75% of her body covered and she said her main focus was to finish her leg tattoos before filling in gaps in her ribs and other blank areas.

Her current display includes Halloween tributes – such as horror film characters Norman Bates, Jason and Leatherface.

As for more sentimental ones, she has the names of her children on her face along with her mum's date of birth.

But referring to the most painful place to be inked, she laughed: “My stomach! It was much worse than childbirth.”

And rather than the process getting easier, she added: “I used to enjoy it when I was younger but my pain tolerance has changed as I got older, which sucks.”


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