My boyfriend searched through my belongings and broke up with me over item

A woman has taken to the internet for advice after her boyfriend raided her bedroom and broke up with her over an item he found in the back of her closet.

Writing on Reddit, the 32-year-old woman said: “My boyfriend, 27, and I have been dating for about six months now. Things started out a little rocky, but feelings grew and it went from there. We have our small issues but overall I think we have a pretty great relationship.

“We currently live about 45 minutes apart, so that’s been a bit of a challenge in itself. Also, I don’t have a car currently so the majority of traveling falls on him, which I feel incredibly guilty about.

“He usually comes to my place on his two days off. Unfortunately, I accepted a seasonal work position which cuts into 10 hours of one of our days together, so sometimes my boyfriend will drive me in, and come back to my house to hang out until I get off.”

She explained that one day when she was at work, her boyfriend spent “hours” going through belongings in her bedroom.

After picking her up from work, she said he told her she had stolen “something from him that can’t be explained”.

She went on: “I was incredibly confused, was he talking about the shirt of his I had?

“He made me wait in silence in the car until we got to my house. He got out of the car and went to the backseat, where his overnight bag was. Unzipped it and front and center, was the vintage Lord Of The Rings trilogy books, that my father had given me many years ago.

“He said, ‘why do you have my grandpa’s books?'”

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The woman said she was in shock so grabbed the books and went inside the house but quickly noticed all of her boyfriend’s belongings had gone.

She went on: “He followed me inside and proceeded to break up with me. But then, he didn’t really want to leave.

“We ended up talking it out but I also found out, the other morning, when I was asleep in his bed, he took my phone to the bathroom and went through it. Went through texts with my ex, my Facebook, and God knows what else.

“My boyfriend has been my rock the past few months and I love him with all of my heart, so I’m glad we were able to talk things out yesterday.

“But I can’t shake this feeling. I feel like he violated my trust by going through my things (the books in question were in a suitcase in the back of my closet, so he was going hard).

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“I also lost my sense of security, as we had talked about moving in together, and future plans. But now, constantly in the back of my mind, I’m going to remember this.”

She asked other users for advice. One replied: “This dude is sending you giant flashing neon “GET OUT” signs and alarms.”

Another said: “How do you come back from this? You don’t.

“Stop ignoring the giant red flags your BF is throwing up. Do you want to be in an abusive relationship? No? Then staying with him is a terrible idea.”

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